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your husband is a wonderful artist
or poster maker, however you call it. more, more!

Kevin Wolf

I sorta almost kinda understood the paragraph quoted!

Hey, I think since terrorism has happened on Bush's watch and ever since has been force-fed to us as our #1 concern AND since Bush, Inc started the fiasco in Iraq and caskets started coming back overseas - because of all this maybe money does seem less important. Not that the deficit won't haunt us for a long time...

BTW: Can I borrow a coupla bucks?


BG- I'll trade you a Thelma for a well-hung Georgie!


Oops! My cover is blown! Sorry BG. I'd feel worse if I didn't recall you inadvertantly using "The Clam".


Okay, this image of George Washington stuck in my head and I kept thinking of how he, as the "Father of Our Country", must be spinning in his grave with the current George in office... I kept thinking, what would the current George be??? It came to me... George Bush is the "Failure of His Country".

Michael Bains

From my email order:

Gimme Gimme Gimme!
And PLEASE don't tell me there was a caveat I missed saying this is just a joke!

Do I send a check? Ya want my CC #s? How 'bout that first born I ain't likely to have? It's yours! LOL!

Okay, so you couldn't have me kiddo even if'n .. uh, forget that altogether. doh!

That's nice work, but the reason I initially had trouble readin' the Economics para is the (paranthetical) about you trying to spell Yglesiwhatsis had me laugin' too hard to focus! Thanks!

Michael Bains

Oh the sadness! Oh the disappointment!


From YahooMail:
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 12): 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a account...

Now I'm so mad, I'm not gonna read your blog again...

until tomorrow.


blue girl


Michael...what's wrong with that address?

I'll give you -- a *Democrat* -- a few seconds to figure it out.


Michael Bains

eeeeeee haw!!!

Woo Hoo!



blue girl, your post needs a Johnson Box at the top -- I had to wait all the way til the end for the offer ;-)

blue girl

Oh Lord. The *Johnson Box* -- I thought I was the only poor soul who knew of that phrase...but, yes! The way my *ad* is written -- it certainly is deserving of a Johnson Box!

Res Publica

a. Asking for money without giving any reason totally rocks. I do that with World's Best Boyfriend. It's not that I am any poorer than he is, but I never carry cash, and he always seems to have gobs and gobs of it. Maybe he's a hooker?

b. As re: the budget deficit, that paragraph made my feeble mind tremble and ache. I took economics in college, but I didn't really get "in to it". Or "read the book". Or "attend class". Anyway, no one can convince me that it's just no problem at all for our government to spend money it doesn't have, unless it's an emergency of some sort. Tax breaks for the rich =/= an emergency.

c. I'll take a poster. Email me at respublica at republicofdogs dot net and tell me if you'd prefer a hot check or some complicated paypal crap.

d. What's a Johnson Box? It sounds pretty pervy, like "check out that dude's johnson box!"


That was a copywriter-to-copywriter joke between BG and I. *Big boring explanation alert* The Johnson Box is a block of copy, usually in a box, at the top of a direct mail letter that states the offer or some other tidbit of info that gets you to buy shit you don't need.

Not to be confused with a Don Johnson Box, which is where Philip Michael Thomas's career is held prisoner.

blue girl

I shall create a Johnson Box for all to see and truly appreciate.

Stay tuned!


gotta have one of those.

If you take Canadian at par I'll take two, one for my bro in PA who had Malkin's Unhinged on the dining room table last time I visited. Haven't spoken to him since.

send instructions for pmt fwdg to alta at rogers dot com

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