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Adorable Girlfriend

Blue, I love it. It's like my suggestion to UC that we need to do some volunteer work. I suggesed a very famous Planned Parenthood in his town. He replied, "I barely have time to complete my experiments."

AG laughed in her head thinking, "Oh Yay! It's Sox season which means one eye on me and one eye on the TeeVee. No time for little pregnant girls."


I know a fella
He eats like a horse
Knocks his old balls
Round the old golf course
You oughta see his wife
She's a cute little dish
She smokes like a chimney
And drinks like a fish

John Prine


BG, funny you mention Phil Mickelson. We went to high school together, actually had a few classes together.

Now, while I am a pretty serious sports fan, the idea of watching golf makes my butt pucker. But I saw that Mickelson was leading at the Masters, I read the story on Yahoo and clicked on his profile. Here was what I saw:

"Career Earnings: $40,366,631"

I certainly have a comfortable existence and have nothing to be ashamed about as far as putting a roof over Casa del Brando, but that figure caused me to choke on my Diet Pepsi for a moment.

Even worse, at least when I knew him in high school, he was a really nice guy, so I can't even say anything mean about him.

I can only imagine how Michael Jordan's classmates feel.

Kevin Wolf

I enjoy watching golf on TV. Worse yet, I just admitted that in public.

I'd love to take up the game but (1) don't have the cash and (2) still have issues from my car accident that might make it impossible - but that makes me want to try it even more.

blue girl

AG: It's like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry says, "What? You're too busy to call? Too busy. Pick up the phone!"

Curtcon: My son's a good golfer and I'm really pulling for him (see Brando's comment...) He'll just have to find a girl who's got her own interests and doesn't mind being a golf widow. Maybe a blogger!

Brando: Mickelson does seem like a nice guy. $40 million for playing a game. There's no justice. (I can just hear people now....."But golf is so hard!")

Kevin, I like to watch golf too. It's relaxing. But I draw the line at watching Poker. Never understood that one.


I like playing golf, but it's one of those sports like skiing where I'd have to spend thousands of dollars and hours just to be medicore.

Now watching poker, on the other hand, directly helps me with my game ;-)

blue girl

Oh yeah, I forgot -- you're the gambling expert! But, you also know I'm not!


BG- I, too, like having golf on. It is relaxing and it makes me think that spring/summer is on the way. I have memories of it being on in the house as I was growing up. My childhood yard backed up to a golf course so it was a part of daily life. I took lessons, but was never bitten by the bug. I did sit through hours of others discussing how the grass was on this hole and how the slant was on that green... it bored me to tears. I had a lot of fun on that golf course, but it was never golfing...

blue girl

Jennifer, Everyone in my life golfs -- except for me. I *can* golf -- but would rather spend 4-5 hours doing other things.

My blank stare, verging on a total coma does not stop everyone from telling me millions of the tiniest details to their golf games. How they sliced their drive on the 4th hole. How they hit their second shot with a 8 iron instead of a 7. Whatever!

Gotcha on the golf course activities! :)


Jim Nance. Ah. Listening to his voice is like Zen. Thinking of him made my heart rate go down.


Can't watch the game - pretty as it is - without thinking of razed rainforest in Maui or Malaysia.

Michael Bains

I enjoy watching golf on TV. Worse yet, I just admitted that in public.


I didn't catch yesterday's Masters but was glad to hear Lefty knocked another one down.

And, even though I've never played 9 holes, I can totally relate to Kevin's 'faux pas'.


My husband plays a lot of golf. Some people might think I'm a golf widow, but I think he, as the husband of one who writes, was widower first.


I've never golfed. I've also never field dressed a water buffalo while 11 year old Khmer Rouge thugs shot at me with AK-47s as my pocketknife blade snaps and I'm realizing OH CRAP! How am I gonna field dress this stupid water buffalo in this stinky rice paddy with a broken pocket knife? WWPMD

What Would Phil Mickelson Do?


blue girl

Bob, I just left a comment at another blog where I also used the term, "Oh Crap!"

But, I didn't write anything about field dressing a water buffalo.

Great minds think alike...sometimes.


CRICKET RULZZ!! i mean cricket rulzz!!! oh wait, wrong blog anyway!

damn golfers and their money. i suck at golf, and the only reason i ever attempted it was because they practically gave it away at OU. watching it on TV is only slightly more boring than watching the midnight specials on QVC, and in person it's much worse(except the part where you get to drive a golf cart... that's pretty sweet).

and field dressing water buffalos is a lot of fun. you should try it when you';re not on a holiday in cambodia

The Fat Lady Sings

Now you see - golf just spoils a perfectly lovely walk through otherwise bucolic surroundings. I won't say it's a waste of time - but I prefer the walk without the swearing, thank you. And it's nice to hear that Phil Mickelson's a nice guy. You just like to know that some people deserve wonderful things happening to them. Michael Jordan, on the other hand…..A good friend of mine did the lighting on almost every commercial he shot in Chicago. Let's just say that Mr. Jordan won't win any ‘hail fellow well met’ contests anytime soon. His professionalism however is beyond question. No show boating, no slacking off - the man worked flat out all the time. He's just not someone you'd really like to have over for dinner (nor would he be likely to accept the invitation). I had an opportunity to work with his wife once. Quite a lovely lady. I liked her very much. Well – they do say opposites attract!

Larry Jones

I've never played golf, because I know I would become addicted. But as you mentioned above, the golfers in one's life WILL NOT STOP telling you about their game - and by "game" I mean the entire history of their golfing lives, their current handicap and how they earned it, as well as their hopes and aspirations for the future. They are like new parents, whose babies never grow up.


`After all, golf is only a game,'' said Millicent. Women say these things without thinking. It does not mean that there is any kink in their character. They simply don't realise what they're saying.

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