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Shakespeare's Sister

Thanks, Blue Girl!

(I had seen it, but always brings a smile to my jaded old face.)


blue girl

I knew you probably saw it already! You're always right in there, the first in the loop!

It's fun though!



I hadn't seen this before, and I have now spent a good half hour making the gentleman do things that, frankly, no vertebrate should be able to do.

What wonderful fun! Thanks!

Michael Bains

Ohhh.. That one is a bad idea after the lunch I just had...

Gnarly and quitely neato, though. I did have to bookmark it for future reference.

blue girl

Hi 1truenick: Glad you liked him...he is quite mesmerizing!

MB: Do you think the elites who live on the east coast say "gnarly" --? Or just those, such as us, who are from the heartland and speak with flattened vowel sounds?



Pretty soon it'll be just 19 people in Utah that approve ...

Kevin Wolf

Bush's approval with me was about 4% to start and has been at 0.3% for quite some time now, so it's hard for me to understand who the hell is keeping him in the double digits.

Michael Bains

He started pretty, ahem, high for me. That's why I researched him goin' into 2000. Well, that and Al's stiff moves. The more ya know 'bout W, the more there is to dislike. It'd just be sad, if he wasn't in Control of bombs and "technologically necessary" amounts of phone data. Dude is every bit as scary as Reagan, only without the {shudder} disturbing Integrity.

I ended up voting for Hagelin. Now THERE's a nutter I could follow a ways!

Gnarly, eh, BG? I "moved" out to San Diego to be close to LA so I could open the Stardust. Never even played the corner outside the bar. {sigh} And the East held only soap opera appeal to me, so I'm not too concerned with - uhh - my vernacular comportment for Ivy's sake.

But it is odd how much I enjoy cooin' to the peony... "Grow girl. Ya gotta fatty up them blooms to 'tract the ants on up."

Heheh.. silly stuff. {but grow, girl!}

blue girl

Yeah, you're right, MB. "Gnarly" was all left coast stuff. I was just kidding.

You think/thought East Coast was all soap opera?


My dark city? My NYC? All soap opera? Have you ever seen a soap opera shot in black and white on a rainy night? I don't sink so.

What did you play? You should write about that.


And for desert we have this tonight :)

Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted

Happy belated Birthday blue girl... I'm glad you had such a wonderful day

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