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Can you 'splain all the liberals around me (in my neighborhood) driving SUVs?

blue girl

They're big fat hypocrites, just trying to be cool. Although they work in some cubicle somewhere, they've been brainwashed by car advertising to believe that when they're leaving the house in the morning, they're going on some dangerous adventure, like driving near huge cliffs or ba-ha'ing off-road.

They'll say they drive SUVs cuz they need lots of room cuz of their kids and friends, etc. -- but, they're just trying to be cool.



Let this be a warning to all you conservative richies out there! Liberals drive SUVs in anticipation of the coming class war. Your volvos, jags, mercs and bmws will be no match for the armor plated blazers of the Left.

Personally, I drive a 1989 VW Jetta diesel that I fuel for free with waste vegetable oil from a thai restaurant.

But then, I'm not a liberal.


Given my druthers (and the ability to fuel one), I would drive a Suburban - just for work. I could fit all my tools in, all the time and on the shelf above them fit 4'x8' sheets of plywood - and when neccesary I could haul a trailer loaded with materials weighing more than the suburban itself. Never have to wait or wonder when my delivery is coming again. Never have to haul all of my tools out of my truck and into my house again. Of course I would burn more gas in a day than I do in ten days with my light duty, '84 Mazda pickup that still gets 30 MPG average with lots of tools inside and 37 MPG wih luggage and my son only on the highway.

As for toothpaste. I grew up with Crest in a conservative family. I geuss I must just be a fu***ng hippy now - I make my son use Tom's of Maine and I use some I make myself from bulk peelu, baking soda, a wee bit of glycerin and a splach of hydrogen peroxide mixed in just before brushing.


Oh, I almost forgot, I could also pull down parts of a house with a suburban if I needed to - makes quick work of demolition.


Minivan here. It's the most fuel-efficient vehicle that can transport a family of 7. Don't confuse me with a liberal -we just hate spending money on gas. Or cool cars. Of course, I *could* own a fuel-hogging SUV - since i basically don't drive anywhere. My car is 9 years old, and has 80,000 miles on it.

blue girl

My great little station wagon, such a special little vehicle (gotta talk nice about her, lest she hear me and decide to suddenly need $2000 worth of repairs) -- is 10 years old and has 150,000 miles on it.

Sweet, sweet, sweet little gas guzzler...

Hey! Why are we talking vehicles here? This post was all about the pearly white situation!


cars aside, my toothpaste concoction keeps my teeth pretty clean in spite of smoking and coffee. . .It is very hippy though, or so I've been told.

See, I can keep on topic/s, multi tasking is my middle name. . .


duwayne! i LOVE it when you wax poetic on the beauty of hauling lumber. very, very hot!

that being said, i personally am carless.


Anita - My customers often remark on how sexy it is to see a chubby white guy hauling lumber to their homes. . .But the driving question is, what kind of toothpaste do you use?


well duwayne, i have to admit that i like 'variety' in my dental care products ... so i use crest vivid white, plus a couple of the rembrandt products (when i'm thinkin' it's ok to spend seven bucks or more on tooth paste), but mostly i am an 'Arm & Hammer Peroxicare (with dental baking soda and peroxide)' kinda gal.

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