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I plan on calling my doctor if I can't stop laughing after four hours. . .

blue girl

Good one!

Adorable Girlfriend

It is quite amusing, isn't it!


what misanthropic doctor would give rush limbaugh viagra?

i hope they were laced with arsenic.

does that make me evil?

cause i sure feel evil today!


I'm guessing if they dug a little deeper they would have found some rohypnol in there as well. That has to be the only way Rush can get some action.


Hey BG- my mind just flashed back to the Rush t-shirt the Skimmer made for you to sleep in, but I can't remember what it said... "Got Wood??"

blue girl

I'm enjoying this probably waaaaay more than I should.

It's like someone just popped over and brought me a banana split as a surprise!



I must give credit, my brother came up with that one. . .


I know, isn't it just hilarious that he has a problem getting it up. I mean, physical conditions just CRACK ME UP. I'm so happy we have no care for privacy.

What was it about the right to privacy... it seems to ring a bell. Why does Roe V Wade come to my mind? I must be losing it.

blue girl


I'd have a lot more respect for Mr. Limbaugh's privacy if he wasn't such a blight on this country.

Stop trying to burst my bubble! It's banana split time!!



Limbaugh is a voracious "defender" of morality and conservative principal with no compunction of flat lying about those who disagree with him. Someone who smears people with lies everyday from his high horse is absolutely open season for those remarking on truth. And the fact that in reverse, the same thing happening to a liberal and he would blow it way out of proportion - imply or even state categoricly they are doing much worse than the media is aware. There is no privacy from open exposure to blatant hipocrasy.


Who ya gonna invite to the party, man?

Rush Limbaugh and Bill Bennett for sure!

You're kiddin, right?

No way, man, hookers and poker...gotta have some playas.

Neddie Jingo


Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh With.

Rush Limbaugh With A.

Rush Limbaugh With A Ten-Foot.

Rush Limbaugh With A Ten-Foot Raging.

Rush Limbaugh With A Ten-Foot Raging Hogan.

Rush Limbaugh With A Ten-Foot Raging Hogan That Lasts Four Hours.

Sleep well, kiddies.


Yes, you are right. Rush has NO right to privacy. And neither does Ann Coulter. Perhaps if she has an abortion, THAT would make great entertainment as well.

Who exactly has the right to privacy? Talk slow, because I'm a Dittohead.

blue girl


Please stop mentioning the RL and AC names in this comment thread! You will note that I didn't even mention the RL name in the post!

I don't want my blog to burst into flames and descend into hell for all eternity!

I have written about too many special memories!

blue girl

Carin, here's a serious question directed specifically to you.

I write about my poor little, special kitty getting killed by a car and a Republican leaves a comment and compares it to abortion.

I write a funny little post about RL and his unfortunate sexual situation (God! Who would ever have sex with him??!!)

And you bring up abortion.

Why, oh why is that?

What's with you guys and comparing *everything* I write to abortion?


Sorry Carin, didn't know you were a dittio head, I'll type slowly so you understand. When a person is detained and especialy when they are arrested it easily becomes a part of public record. When someone famous gets into trouble it becomes a big story. RL has as much right to privacy as anyone else - he has chosen forsake media anonymity by becoming a media figure(that means the media pays a lot of attention to him 'cause he's famous).

What I find ironic is that your defending the "privacy" of a man who makes a living invading other peoples "privacy," as you define it. Only he tells lies about the people he attacks - the difference between what we are doing and what he does. The only difference. And for one who claims a higher moral standard, I want to know what the hell he needs viagra for. If I was to try and find out - that would be invading his privacy. But it makes a good point of speculation if your into the sort of speculating RL perveys.


Carin, what DuWayne said. The fat man was caught smuggling an illegal substance, not ambushed by liberal bloggers while filling a prescription at his local pharmacy. (We already know he can't be bothered with prescriptions anyway.) He made himself fair game when he got himself onto the police blotter.

Or are you going to argue that the right wing blogs violated Patrick Kennedy's privacy when he got arrested for playing bumper cars in DC while zonked out of his mind?


Actually, I kind of feel sorry for RL's wife. Isn't she a CNN anchor or something? I'd hate it if that happened to MY (albeit imaginary) husband.

Adorable Girlfriend

True Anita. However, it's his issue, not hers.


Anita- Rush did date Daryl Kagan (sp?) from CNN, but they are kaput and were kaput before this debacle.

blue girl

I don't think RL and CNN talking head are married. I think they split.

Do not even ask me how I know that. I do not actively seek out information regarding RL's love life.

But, I do think I passively absorbed that tid-bit awhile back.

Caaarrrrrrriiiiin! You've got lots of questions to answer here.


BG, maybe you found that information in the Starr Report.


First, I brought up abortion because that is what Roe V Wade was all about, right? Right to privacy superseding state's right? Does this only apply to women? Or abortion issues?

Second, R was detained, not arrested. I can't believe you equate a drunk driving incident. Carrying viagra - NOT a dangerous activity. Driving while drunk- dangerous activity harmful to society.

If he wasn't a conservative, he would have been applauded for overcoming his addiction. I live in Detroit - where crack addicts have come knocking at my door at 2 in the morning. Please, which is more important to society - an employed, wealthy man with an addiction to pain killers, or dangerous crack addicts prowling the streets? I would say it must be the wealthy man, because they aren't doing shit about the crack addicts. I would bring out the "blinded by hate" phrase, but it's a bit early for that.

Neddie Jingo

Carrying viagra - NOT a dangerous activity.

Wrong. Viagra is a prescription drug. It's administered under medical auspices because its side effects can in fact be lethal. It is up to a doctor to make the judgment to prescribe it. Rush, already known to have copped to doctor-shopping, has once again shown his contempt for the Social Contract by making an end-run around a law -- a law that the rest of us obey, thanks very much -- that he found inconvenient.

This is pure and simple hipocrisy, and the discovery that this bloviating, bellowing blowhard has once again been caught up to his quivering, rigid weenie in it deserves to be trumpeted from the rooftops. It is hilarious, and he deserves to be laughed at loudly and cruelly.

This "right to privacy" that you racket on about, applies to the private citizen vis-a-vis the government, not to dealings between private citizens. There are other laws that govern that realm of interaction -- none of which, as far as I can tell, has been broken.

DuWayne had it absolutely right: If you are caught breaking the law, this is (absolutely rightly) a matter of public record. You have no -- that's no -- "right to privacy" if you're caught with illicit controlled substances. Ask those hapless bastards on the state-run sex-offenders websites.

Citing Roe vs. Wade in this case is about the reddest herring imaginable, and I'd ask you to stop waving it around.

Slowly, now: It. Does. Not. Apply.


Neddie- Thank you.


Carin linked me here (I have been here before, fun blog) I am one of the lone liberals that frequent's Carin's blog for mental enjoyment.. or torture. ;)

I don't like Rush - I just don't like wind bags who bash people and feel they are better because?
People don't like Cindy Sheehan ah, forget she lost her son, since we all know what that is like...
people put themself "out" there and if you break the law a little or a lot being in spot light is part of the fame game.

As I said over at Carin's
Brit can't even drop her kid or drive with him on her lap- Paris can't make a sex tape, Hugh Grant can't get a BJ and pay for it.. it's fair game...


My point with Cindy is I hate when people bash her, mock her -
but she too put herself in a position to be fair game...

Rush mocked drug abusers sure crack, herion whatever.. but he broke the law.
Maybe a little maybe a lot..
when he mocks people enough, you have to kind of laugh at the play ground bully..


Run Away! Run Away! Dangerous crack addicts are all over the streets! AARRRGGGHHHH!

Conversation my four year old had with a guy h saw hit his crack pipe while we were out for a walk:

My Boy (MB); "Wahtcha doin?"

Crack head (CH); "Huh, what?"

MB; "What are you doing with your lighter in your jacket?"

CH; (long pause as the rush (hehe) wears off) "I'm doing really bad things kid, ask your daddy"

MB; "are you gonna go to jail for the bad things?"

CH; "If teh cops see me doing it, yeah, I could"

MB; "Why?"

CH; "Damn, kid, ask your daddy"

MB; "Papa, if the police see him do it, what?

Me; "they would take him to jail, just like they would have taken Papa to jail if they saw him smoking marijuana like I used to do."

MB - to CH; "do you ever kill people?"

CH; "Hell no kid - I don't never hurt people even."

MB; "If you ever hurt people, what?"

CH; "I hurt myself and me alone - couldn't hurt others, except maybe my Mamma."

MB; "I love my Mamma. But if you did hurt soemone, what?"

CH; "I would really deserve to go to jail kid."

RL would have no such compunctions about hurting others - he does it all teh time. While I truly feel bad that you have to deal with crackheads (It annoys me too) by in large they are not dangerous in the least, having learned that you can't easily get crack in jail. And that attacking others is a sure way to go to jail. RL attacks others on a daily basis and is far more dangerous than 99.9% of crackheads out there. And living in the ghetto I see a lot of them, often when my son and I are out walking.

Kevin Wolf

Oh, my. I really must wake up earlier.

Kel: Equating Cindy Sheehan and RL as deserving of what they get is a bit of a stretch.

She's trying to engage the country on a pressing issue that cost her her son.

Meanwhile, Rush is a name-calling blowhard who holds himself free of the annoying restraints imposed on we mere mortals by the law.

Who should be debated and who mocked and scorned? One guess.

Other than that, I agree with you.


I am all for Cindy - and standing up for what you believe in -
I just hate when say I go to a blog that differs then what I believe and see her being bashed and mocked (with pictures)..
but it happens. ???

I have and will never listen to Rush -
he's just a bag of hot air who picks on people.


DuWayne, do you know what the hell you are talking about? Have you had a crackhead target your house? Because, I have. And, yes they do hurt people. They have killed people to get money to buy drugs. Come on over to Detroit, and I'll give you a nice little tour.

blue girl

Let's play nice kids! And not act like crackheads ourselves!

Carin, everything Neddie said, PLUS -- a pill that has the potential of spreading RL's demon seed is a danger to society in and of itself -- legal or not.

Although it's so typical Mr. Self Righteous is trying to get away with illegal stuff again!

Throw him in the slammer with all the other crooks! That's what I say!

The Fat Lady Sings

If Limbaugh hasn't yet been dumped by Kagen - he is now. She wasn't along on his little ‘sexual tourista’. As for believing what that man says is the gospel truth - I suggest you look up the transcript for a CNBC show hosted by Phil Donohue and Vladimir Posner. I watched them interview Limbaugh about 12 years back. They queried him on his hate speech at that time – especially his vicious attacks on Chelsea Clinton (he admitted having done the same thing to Jimmy Carters daughter). Limbaugh would often make fun of both children’s looks - call them ugly and such. Then there was his call for the assassination of President Clinton. Limbaugh was getting lots of traction with that. They wanted to know if he really believed the swill he was slinging.

Well folks - he said no - not necessarily. He said he had created a character in the pursuit of ratings and dollar bills. He would say anything controversial or mean, because that was what he was hired to do. If he had been hired to trumpet the liberal cause – he would have done so – but being a faux conservative was much more lucrative – had been, he said, for years. So you see, little dittohead - you are being manipulated by someone who views your support as nothing more than money in the bank. I am indeed sorry if you continue to believe in what he says. If you are listening because you find it entertaining - then I am sorry for your soul.

blue girl

Amen, sister!


The best RL joke I ever heard was:

What's the difference between RL and the Hindenburg?
One is an oversized flaming Nazi gasbag and the other is a dirigible.

Clearly, this situation presents a priceless opportunity to trump that joke. I mean, Viagra? Come on!

So.. I ask, has anyone heard any yet?


also, the guy was sued for sexual harrasment. i don't see any doctors prescribing him viagra.

the man is an embarrasment to America, and to a greater extent, it's right wing.


Carin - Delurk for this. We've obviously spent our lives differently. I've visited your blog, and enjoyed it 'til I got to the dittohead parts. I've only listened to rush enough to know he's a hateful bloviator. I have two points for you:

1. What I mean by spent our lives differently, was when I wasn't listening to rush, I was listening to NPR. One saying I heard there, attributed to the Chinese (horrors - brown folk, well yellow, whatever), was, "Don't tie your shoes in a watermelon patch." S l o w l y t y p i n g, it means don't do something with the appearance of impropriety, even if innocent. Your heroes have adopted a quite inverse policy. RE: rush, I can demonize illegal drug addicts while abusing legal ones. This is the same with alcoholics who demonize stoners. RE: Tom Delay, I can run a corrupt money machine as long as I don't get caught, because it's for a higher cause. That type of corrosive misinterpretation of the social contract is what has landed us in this pickle - this pickle meaning where people will leap at each other's throats over the technicalest of differences. It is not the laughter of BG and AI at the total irony of rush's improprieties that has landed us here, it is the hateful bloviating that rush and tom and carl have passed off as public discourse on an all too gullible American public.

2. You prove a very good point with your heartfelt anguish (most sincerely) over crackheads in Detroit. We have meth addicts in GA. I would only ask that you parse what is from the chemical effects of the drugs and what is from the societal effects of the criminilization. Paging Elliot Ness? Elliot Ness?


Back to the main point: Bill C.
Ah, Bill. I sometimes still linger in Rope Lines -wearing my beret - waiting for my chance. i love me some Bill.


Is there a way we can find out how many pills he used or was it wishful thinking?

I would pay 20 bux to find out, anybody else ready to match my "donation" to whoever can find out?

The Fat Lady Sings

Keith Olbermann reported there were 29 pills in the confiscated bottle. He said his production team got a copy of the customs sheet. Olbermann then checked with a doctor and was told Viagra prescriptions are usually written for 30 pills. As Olbermann said - not quite so good a time as Limbaugh indicated!


DuWayne, do you know what the hell you are talking about? Have you had a crackhead target your house? Because, I have. And, yes they do hurt people. They have killed people to get money to buy drugs. Come on over to Detroit, and I'll give you a nice little tour.

Yes. Back in MI - no, the local homeless population, (prolific in my old neighborhood) kept an eye on it for me. My family and I were very kind to the homeless and generous with our food. We had around seven grand in tools between the tools trailer and teh house. The two times people were lurking around my house they got chased off by homeless drunks.

Since moving to Portland I have had every thing I have left on my porch - front or back, stolen. I have had gas stolen from my truck. I have had folks try to break into my truck, which often contains my tools. I have had tools stolen when I stepped into a house for les than 2 minutes. And occasionaly I hear or hear of gunfire and death due to drug issues, whether dealers or users.

And I have spent more time than I wish in the tri-county area - including Detroit.

RL is still far more dangerous than 99.9% of crackheads and other hard addicts. I have done many drugs in my time and hung out with many street folk - I like them. And the vast majority of druggies of any stripe just want to do their drugs and be left alone. Sure, if they can get away with it they will rip you off, but very, very few of them are remotely dangerous. Far more people die at the hands of drunk drivers than druggies of any stripe.

I am sorry you live in deathly fear of the druggie population and are forced to encounter them. I am sorry I have to live in the same sort of area. But get over yourself. Perhaps if you took the time to know your neighbors you'd find that they will leave you alone. If instead of scowling at teh homeless in your neighborhood you smiled and said hi, or, heres the stretch, gave them some cookies or a sandwitch - they might even decide to keep people from targeting your home. It works for me. Though, you don't always get teh porch thieves I have all my nieghbors, homeless adn otherwise, keeping an eye on my home.


I'm not going to debate the truthfulness of what Rush says, because (obviously) we have such opposed political views it would be pointless. I say he was a beacon to Republicans. Way back - even before Clinton - Republicans had no voice. The National Review was pretty much it. His presence gave rise to a national dialogue for Republicans.

Second - DuWayne - how does my complaint of crackheads interpret (for you) that I'm mean to the homeless? Actually, there are no homeless people in my neighborhood. Should I go round a few up to watch my house?


T y p i n g s l o w l y. The homeless helped me with crack heads. And you needn't just use homeless folk, - be kind to your neighbors and they will be kind to you. And, silly me, I equated homeless because you generaly find a thriving homeless population in crack neighborhoods.


DuWayne, I am nice to my neighbors. Matter of fact, my gun-welding neighbor helped me drive the crackhead off one night when my hubby was away.

Here's a shocker - I'm a Rethuglian, who listens to Rush, YET I do give to the homeless. AND am nice to my neighbors.


almostinfamous: boldly de-bolding comment sections that have been bolded by errant bolders

SF Gary

hey, I just typed in the form below. I have no idea how my post became bold.

Thanks for the info "fatladysings." Seems like he was fully armed for action but almost none happened. It just maybe that he did not get any and used one for some self help...

Note to Carin: I have met some Republicans and they are embarassed by the likes of RL, AC and that xxxxhead O'R dude on TV. If they are the face of the Republicans then its time for the true conservatives to form a new and improved political party and they should have a filter to keeps these lunatics out. A meaningful conversation can happen between people with different political leanings but the outer fringe types should be kept away from the center stage.


I'm sorry, but Rush isn't an outer fringe types.

I find most people who criticize Rush, have rarely (if ever) listened to him.

And, for the record - who would you say "represents" a "non-fringe" member of the Conservative side of the isle?


I don't make a habit of listening regularly to conservatives but my examples of mainstream conservatives in the U.S. today are politicians like John McCain, Rudy Guiliani, Colin Powell, J.C. Watts, commentators such as David Brooks, Paul Gigot and others. I don't necessarily agree with all they espouse but they at least seem to think and formulate an idea before using up any ink or air time.


There is no way to doubt that RL is a fringe extremist. He is paid to be. And I have listened to him far more than I wish. Although I would adimit that I listen rarely - there is a reason. He is an extremist. I do occasionaly listen to extremists on the other side of the spectrum and tolerate it. The reason being that if you disagree with them they still listen to what you have to say and reply - most, without insulting you. If you manage to get through the fat fascist's screeners he will cut you off the second you question anything he says and then accuse you of being a liberal wingnut. He has done it to me, he has done it to a libertarian friend of mine who is anything but a liberal.

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