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hmmm, I feel like I shouldn't be the first one to post cheering, after all, I'm just your resident lurker.

But hey, I only have limited computer access right now, my daughter is home from her first year of college and we're on dial up...yep, I've been banned (darn kids)

Your site rocks, and I'm sure lots of lurkers agree with me :)

Oh, and I'm cheering for your plants from down here in Georgia, we have so much humidity, anything should see the 'effin kudzu in my yard taking over (not only am I doomed to live in a red state in the South, I have to deal with kudzu..go figure)

and now.. on to the next 200,000 hits...cheers :)


Heya kid, how long have you been blogrolled on Wolcott's blog? Nice score!

Kevin Wolf

Bob is right! How great.

Well, hell, we BG readers know quality.

The Viscount

Congrats BG. Keep up the good work.

Tom W.

Ha! Dig this - I recently did a post called "The DaVinci Load" ripping the book's poor writing - turns out it's a popular porn flick with quite a, uh, fan base. The click-o-meter has been lighting up....


Hilarious to both BG and Tom W about accidentally using porno names, any way to get hits, huh? :)

Pine Ridge Chuck

Actually, I clicked over for a Peony Watch update ... what gives with that?


Well, I know a thing or two about getting all the porn clicks...

Congrats, BG, and I am happy to have helped contribute to your magic number. Your blog rocks.

And I'm laughing at DaVinci Load. The way that book is written, I think Dan Brown based it on the porn film script.

Neddie Jingo

Dang -- when I started my blog, I boiled the candidate names down to two: The one I went with, and "Leather-Thighed Lesbian Biker Chicks in Prison." Clearly I missed a trick.

Congrats on the Odometer Event, GlueBirl!


With a name like BOSSY you'd think i'd get at least a few S&M hits. No such luck. Congrats on the 100,000 hits! I'm about 99,989 hits away from that. Of course I'm going to have to grow my readership beyond my father's secretary Gladys.

blue girl

Hey, BOSSY -- I was just over at your place clickin' my fingers and dancin' away to that Nana-nanana song!

So now you just need 99,988 more!

Good old Gladys.

Thanks everyone -- for the kind words.



Congrats on the milestone...Take it off;-)

Michael Bains

You deserve all the joy and kudos, kiddo!

Sorry it took me so long to post congrats. Somehow I missed this one between it's bookends. Wild stuff, 100,000 hits!!! Woo hoo!!!


Pinko Punko

Jumping Chundemuffins on a Heffalump.

Now the pressure is ON. I couldn't handle keeping the quality up. I will slink away now. Does he know about your cone problem?

Res Publica

What's "Sex Craft"? Does that involve construction paper and paste? And GLITTER??!


Happy Bunny's a rabbit, right? All the happy bunnies do Sex Craft. Check out the big smile. They're cute, fluffy little sex ninjas. Personally, I practice Sex Arts and Crafts. Elmer's Glue. Tongue depressors.

blue girl

Hey Slappy! Thanks for dropping by!

I love your screen name. I love to say it...."Slappy!" -- Of course you can't tell the *way* I'm saying it the way I just typed it, but I've got this special way of saying it every time I see it!


After I wrote this post, I have to admit I thought about Bunnies and their sex craft. After all, where do all the little bunnies come from anyway?


sex girl 18 bg.


eh, i love your site!!!


im so pissed off right now at this girl diffending her friend and her friend is the one who started it ALL!!!! god damm

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