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Someday, they will find a cure for BDS. Until then, I recommend those afflicted should not breed.


The Kenny Chesney fans in front of us barfing from their van while we were trying to leave Summerfest last night.

Totally Bush's fault.

Oh, and the hangover I'm gonna have tomorrow after going down to Summerfest tonight. That too, is obviously Bush's fault.

I'm liking this game. It's kind of like how the Rightwing blames all their problems on Liberals and Gays.


My Great Dane's diarrhea - Bush's fault. And, you know, have you ever witnessed Great Dane diarrhea? Have you ever even tried to spell diarrhea?


I'm going to blame Bush pre-emptively for any bad poker hands I get tonight.

blue girl

Carin, shouldn't that be:


(Everything I Could Possibly Blame Bush For I Will Now and Till The End of Time Syndrome?)

blue girl

Oh! And don't worry about me breeding.

I've also got...


Been there done that syndrome


on a morbid note: shall we "Blame it on Bush" that Ken Lay is dead?

was he planning to write a book in jail and spill the beans on w and bush pere?

anita ... always the conspiracy theorist.


TC, while I do blame many of society's problems on liberals, I don't believe I've ever blamed anything on gays.

OH, except last week when a pit bull broke it's chain and was chasing me, my son, and my beautiful dog down the street, my gay male neighbor not only did not help, but he ran FASTER than me. So, I blamed that on teh gays.


Bush killed Ken Lay just like Billlary killed Vince Foster.

blue girl

Carin! It's all Bush's fault that that pit bull chased you guys!

Jeez, don't you know anything?!!

blue girl

Plus, it's all Bush's fault that you're so slow.

blue girl

"slow runner" -- I mean.



I blame Bush for my inability to focus today. I know I should hunker down after what was more or less a 4 day weekend, but hunker down on what? I should stay the course, but have no idea what my course might be. Maybe my course will indeed be blaming Bush. At least I'll be in the present unlike so many others who still blame Clinton.

Thank you BG (and The Skimmer)for giving my day renewed purpose and focus.

Neddie Jingo

Dust mites
Seeing things in black and white
Cutting back on nonstop flights
Woolen tights
Alder blight
Flicking butts at traffic lights
Insect bites
The speed of light
Losing in a pillow fight
Stage fright
Chicken fights
The tendency to overwrite--

Everything that chaps my tush
I hereby blame on Georgie Bush.


Neddie Jingo wins.


Carin, you misunderstood-

your gay neighbor was trying to draw the pit bull away from you and your child.

If the Pit didn't bite, that was George Bush's fault.

But we're glad nobody was bitten anyway.


TC, if he was drawing it away from us, why was he running ahead of us? I know, it's Bush's fault that he can't get married ... because if he were ... (I don't know where to go with this.)

blue girl

Jeddie totally wins!!



Rock on Neddie. . .

Personaly I totaly blame bush for the extra twenty pounds I put on in just three weeks. it is so totaly his fault that my metabolism ran into a semi and got squished.

I also blame him for all the allergins that hit me when I moved to Oregon - totaly bush's fault.

I know, it's Bush's fault that he can't get married ... because if he were ... (I don't know where to go with this.)

. . .his husband would have leapt in front of the pitbull and beat it about the head and neck with his 36", double headed, hot pink - er, toy.


Ok, so I am going to go against the mainstream in here and thank Bush.. if it wasn't for him and this mis-adm., I would have never read some of the blogs and got to know some of the most wonderful people... so shoot me, he deserves a little credit because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have felt the need to go out and look for people that feel like I do, and I must say, and sorry for repeating myself, I've met some wonderful people along the internet highway..

On the other hand, please don't.. (hmm, the shoot me part)

let's see.. I do blame Bush for my horrible hair day, for the millions of emails I had to answer today because yesterday we celebrated the birthday of the country he's trying to ruin and I was home spending the day with my daughter rather than answering the 'effin emails, for not snoozing right now because, well, just because... and I blame Bush.

Larry Jones

Wait - Can I blame him for first making us look like numbskulls ("You let Howdy Doody steal your election?"), then making us look like bullies ("But the inspectors haven't found any WMD's."), then converting all of our 9/11 empathy and good will into pure blind hatred ("Your soldiers raped that little girl and killed her whole family?")? Is Bush the one responsible for turning our schools into test mills, bankrupting our Treasury, building logging roads into our wilderness, making Christianity a state religion, putting himself above the law, corrupting our electoral process, making a mockery of the judicial appointment process and mispronouncing "nuclear" over and over and over again?

Yeah, I could blame him for that shit.

Adorable Girlfriend

I don't blame Bush. I blame his mother and I told her so!

I blame her for everything I hate, everything I abominate and everything horrible that ever happened to me.


Kevin Wolf

I blame Bush for all the rain we keep getting in New England.

And if you don't think he has an influence on the weather, wake up!

Adorable Girlfriend

OMG, Kevin. I was talking with our lead Chemist today. He was telling me about some tools he road up in the elevator who said it was all a farce about global warming.


I blame the fact that BG is absent on Bush. I'm guessing the administration got to her... after all, no one blames Bush!

Michael Bains

I blame Bush for my envy of Neddy and Mannion's eloquence and BG's (well-deserved!) popularity.

And for Larry Dolan being so cheap.

It's not always all about me, eh. I blame that on Bush too.


oh, shite
Cleveland Heights
blogging of the wingnut right
genny light
terror fright
men in spandex much too tight
bum street fights
broken kites
lights that come on much too bright
tourist sights
a grieving night
another of my brother's slights
feline bites
facility helicopter overflights

but even more than day-old sushi
I hate when Laura calls him Bushie

blue girl

facility helicopter overflights



I blame Bush the nihilist for the death of God and humanity's resulting meaningless existence of quotidian gazing into the dark void of eternal hopelessness.

...And for that squeak balloons make.

blue girl

I blame Bush for that static electricity you get in your hair when you rub a balloon on your head.

While kids may like it and think it's funny -- it's completely unnecessary as an adult and should never happen.

Oh -- And the whole dark void of eternal hopelessness...


Adorable Girlfriend

I blame Bush for my mother grounding me as a child.

blue girl

I blame Bush that I was just on a conference call for 2 1/2 hours for no apparent reason while people rambled on and on incoherently. Making my heart palpitate. And completely frying my very last nerve to the point that I was writing swear words on a piece of paper, crumpling the paper up and pretending to play basketball.

Totally Bush's fault.

blue girl

*Really* bad swear words, too.

Not just *Crap!* and "Damn!"

Michael Bains

Yes. I believe Bush invented the really bad swearwords, back in his cocaine days.

So I blame him for making coke habit-forming as well!


Oh-oh, I have to disagree with BG:

Lewis Black on swear words (especially the really bad ones):

"These are words...that adults use to express anger, frustration, and outrage; so they don't pick up a tire iron and kill somebody."

Sorry, BG. Not Bush's fault.

blue girl

Oh TC -- I don't *mind* swear words persay (is that how you spell *persay?*)

I blame him for *me* writing them down.

I'm not much of a swear-er -- or writer-swear-er.


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