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Michael Bains

The husband's a smart man, eh Bossy? {-;

That was actually a good post for me. Head too active. Body too lazy. Everything is either easy or impossible, and the balance keeps swinging by, one way, then the other.

namaste BG.


I so totally want daughters.


well, that certainly does call for a drink. thanks for keeping a watch out on the ol' FW.


I take offense at this whole concept that bossy is a bad thing. Or drinking to quiet the voices - blah blah blah, why does that always have to be such a bad thing? Or a diet consisting solely of crackers with A1: sounds top shelf compared to Bossy's diet of crackers with common ketchup. But back to that doctor at the lecture - was he cute?

blue girl

MB, I can relate.

Dean, I'm not so sure about that. After all, I was one at that age -- and, um, hmmm, let's just say I think I've got it better than my mom did.

Aif, what's "FW?"

Bossy! Totally agree with everything you say. But, most importantly, regarding the cuteness of said doctor.

He wasn't cute in the traditional way. But, he was really cute in a cool, had a lot of heart, smart, poetic, deep soul kind of way.

blue girl

He wasn't cute in the traditional way

I take that back. But "cute" isn't the right word.

Cool looking, but dad-ish. Subjective call.


Kevin Wolf

Wow. Now BG can see into a man's soul! Cool.

I love reading your little scenes of domestic bliss.

blue girl

KW, me and Bush -- two peas in a pod.



"Stop it, teenager."

That made me laugh out loud.

I second the enjoyment of the domestic snapshots.

Adorable Girlfriend

FW = Fuzzy words, his blog.

I enjoyed the story. You've got a great son! You are very lucky.

blue girl

I knew it was going to be something really obvious! Thanks, AG!


I still want daughters. In case you don't know, I'm going to be the father so whatever ring of hell you visited on your mother may not be the same dynimic I experinece. I'm going to be the dad who calls his little girl 'princess' until she believes it so I guess Lisa is going to have her work cut out.

blue girl

whatever ring of hell you visited on your mother


Just say *yes* all the time and keep your wallet at the ready.

You'll be golden.


I was thinking "FW" might mean "Family Watch" ... as in "watching BG's family" ... or as in a voyeuristic view into the lives of those who have "traditional families" by those of us who don't ...

or something like that ...


blue girl

"traditional families"

Never considered *us* in that clique.



hmmm. i guess it's all relative. and, no pun intended!



She's going to be my daughter not my wife.

blue girl

You think *that* makes a difference?

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha into infinity!!


You're dead meat!

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