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BG- If I ever, EVER, hear you gushing about the fact that Rush has knighted you with his beveled pink sword into Babedom, I'll have to stop reading... If I ever see images of you in superhero garb, I'll have to stop reading this site.

Personally I think you should start a collection to send Pammy over somewhere, anywhere, maybe the Phantom Zone. I, frankly, don't think she is a superhero as much as she says she is fighting for truth, justice and the Pamela way, but is most likely General Zod...


"hey, how YOU doin'" ???

very bizarre indeed. one comment:

I believe (but am not entirely sure) that the "photo" of the islamic women she is flailing about and dancing to as if it was "hot off the presses" circa July 22, 2006, is actually an extremely famous photograph by the amazing Irvin Penn, entitled Three Rissani Women.

and feminazi's are PRO clitorectomy. thanks whatever your name is for clearing that up for me.

the world, BG, is clearly going to Hell in a Handbasket.

I'm going to the gym now (you said to return to our regularly scheduled programming, right?)


blue girl

I'm out of the Rush loop. Good. Let them have each other.

maybe the Phantom Zone.


As The Skimmer watched her *vlog* this morning, I was so embarrassed by it, I had to hide my face in a pillow till it was over.


blue girl

the world, BG, is clearly going to Hell in a Handbasket.

I know! What's going on???!!!!


Oh dear LORD! When I went to her site earlier today via the TBogg link, the Vlog from hell did not come up. I only saw the red X. Little did I know my computer was trying to save me. I merely read her inane drivel... I went back though and saw the horror! Thank goodness I had not had breakfast yet. Is that woman on DRUGS or what??? Her spiral into complete and utter lunacy ought to be entertaining to watch though... Kind of like watching Michael Jackson. At least Michael had truly creative years.

Wow, I'm sorry, but I think I have to go claw my eyes out.

blue girl

Oh dear LORD!

You got that right, sister!

Our goal should be to smud her as much as possible...and soon!



Boy, I'm not sure smuding will help in this case. I think you were correct with the stake through the heart...She might be saved though by the protective silicone. To be honest, I'm surprised she could be out in daylight!

This is terrible, but you know what came to mind when I saw the vlog? "Ridden hard and put away wet".


"Porned out" is the phrase a buddy of mine likes to use. I think it is totaly apt in this case. . .

If ever you flail into this kind of madness, I will weep fpr you - but I likely would not come to rescue you from yourself. I would want to but alas I live a couple thousand miles away. I might however, convince some friends from back home to save you from yourself.


Atlas has turned into some sort of blogporn; everybody is linking to her. I guess it's harmless, but some days I think it would be better to ignore her. Her folks certainly do; I did some research, and the vast majority of links to her blog come from our side of the aisle.

Still, like driving past a wreck on the highway, it's hard not to look. The creepiest ones are the ones that involve her daughters, like the one where they danced around and celebrated the death of Zarqawi, singing "He's dead, he's dead, yahoo hooray, hes' dead."

Don't worry, BG; you're in no danger.

Kevin Wolf

I ignore her crap. Would much rather read you, Neddie, etc. Life too short etc etc - I don't even have time to finish th

Michael Bains

I entered the blogosphere right around the time I finished reading Rand's Atlas Shrugged. That's one of the first blogs I scoped, and it was kinda just what I needed to see what kind of extremist sociopaths claim adherence to Randian Objectivism.

At least she's taken to the porn angle. It makes her hypocrisy and silliness that much easier to distinguish as not-to-be-taken-seriously-no-matter-how-serious-she-may-be.

Tbogg's a hoot (farmboy speak there, eh) for linkin' to her.

You are Oh So Innoculated 'gainst becomin' like that our dearest Blue Girl!

william Shaw


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