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The Offspring and Dropkick Murphys.

I would've gone with him.


Fantastic post.

Though it did remind me of the chiding Peter Frampton gets in High Fidelity.

blue girl

Peter Frampton jumped the shark pretty quick.

I actually think he jumped it with Frampton Comes Alive -- which catapulted him into the stratosphere and made him a laughing stock all at the same time.

I loved him!!!


blue girl

TC? Are you older than 14, 15, 16?

If so, you wouldn't have been invited. Cuz if you're over 16 -- you're pretty lame-o!!

Ya old geezer...



Cool post, BG. I echo TC, I would have gone, too, but no one would pogo with an old geezer like me.

BTW, that's one heck of a first concert you attended.


I was just trying to remember my first solo concert. The first concert I ever remember attending though was one my parents took us to... it was... Sonny and Cher.


yeah, Brando.

I'm the old guy standing at the back of the punk clubs these days. Not exactly in shape for the mosh pit anymore.

My first concert was Neil Diamond. It sounds cooler now than it was then.

The last show I've seen was Sonic Youth, last weekend. Plenty of young kids mixed in with the grayhairs like me.

No drugs, no drunkenness, no frisbees...

blue girl

A few years ago my husband and I went to see Steely Dan at Blossom -- a really great outdoor venue -- anyway -- as we're walking in with *all the other geezers* -- there's this 17 year old girl in her khaki bermuda shorts -- standing on a picnic table and shouting into a megaphone...

You can't bring beer in! Take it back to you car if you have it in your cooler! No illegal substances of any kind are allowed!

And then she'd just repeat it. And repeat it.

Concerts definitely aren't what they used to be. And I think those Steely Dan tickets were $80 each.


Then you've got to spend $8 on a cruddy draft beer on top of it.


blue girl

Jennifer, Sonny & Cher would've been cool.

Do you remember it? Did they sing "I've Got You, Babe?"


Yes, I remember it and yes, they did sing "I've Got You Babe" along with "The Beat Goes On". I think they broke up about a year after I saw them. I was sad. I was also probably 10.

The next concert my parents took us to... The Carpenters! I believe that was the last concert I went to with adult supervision.

blue girl

La-de-da-da-dee. La-de-da-da-da.


Your parents were fun! Karen Carpenter had a beautiful voice. So sad about her.


My first concert was U2 and it was in the OSU horseshoe and it was pretty amazing. I think I was 16.

*****Breaking news in the midst of my comment!******

OMG. I went onto Amazon to figure out what year the U2 cd that was being toured when I saw them and saw that PETER FRAMPTON is on the Fishbowl thingy with Bill Maher on Amazon. BG! You have ESP!

blue girl

Claire! I do have ESP, I swear to God! I'm just trying to think of a way to capitalize on it!!

Ok. That girl got Peter Frampton to show up *in person* and deliver a Frampton Comes Alive 25th Anniversary Special Edition album -- plus he signed it...BUT!!

Did she ever catch his frisbee?

No. She didn't.


Even when he was talking...I love his voice. Cute accent.

Thanks for the link, Claire!


Frampton's coming alive at The North Shore Music Festival in a couple weeks. For those of you who don't know the venue mostly features the travelling road show for Broadway musicals from 15 years ago. I hear Miss Saigon was amazing and the hellicopter crash at 1/2 scale didn't look anything like a sick dragon fly falling off a stump. I think it's the top field trip destination for both branches of the Pleasant Memories Nursing Home.

blue girl

I think it's the top field trip destination for both branches of the Pleasant Memories Nursing Home.

Shut. Up.



Michael Bains

Not counting Up With People, my first concert was Genesis, on the ABACAB tour. My buddy's mom sat in the car and knitted whilst we got seriously ripped with some girls who didn't appear to have seats of their own. They sat down on the steps next to me and offered a joint. How could I refuse?!

And I'm with Brando and TC. In the back row but still head-bangin' (less than used to do, of course) and singing along to the Offspring, at any rate.

Last show? Pearl Jam. FINALLY! But - that old thing again - I watched it from my company's Loge. Sweeeet... :-D


you americans and your ka-raaazy rock music.

btw, i went to warped tour last year. you shoulda told him to check out the side stages. it makes for a more enjoyable show than listening to the emo/screamo weirdos.

the offspring and dropkick murphys were on the main stage, but not too many people seemed to be into them. i couldnt believe the crap that kids these days listen to.

oh, and who wears all black (full-sleeves and pants, not to mention black lipstick and eyeliner) in the heat of peak summer? are they freaking nuts???

sigh.... i feel so old.

Kevin Wolf

My concerts were 70s stuff. Yes. Charlie Daniels, I think; no idea how that happened.

Much more fun in college going to shows in clubs for unknown bands like U2 on their first tour.

Let Blue Kid have his fun.

"If I live through this day, I'll write more about it." I look forward to that post:

BG: So, how was the concert?

BK: Okay.

BG: Just okay? It had to be better than that, so how was it?

BK: Mom!



First concert was Van Hagar on the 5150 tour at the San Diego Sports Arena. I was 15. Bachman, Turner, Overdrive opened, which prompted two thoughts:

1) Why are all these old people here at a VH show?

2) (After BTO took the stage), who are these fat guys with the guitars?

It wasn't until they played "Taking Care of Business" that I realized they were a real band ;-)

For a Big Ten town, Iowa City get surprisingly few good concerts, but the ones come through are nice, intimate club affairs. Last one was Dave Alvin (of Blasters fame). Other recent (ie last two years) shows have been Jay Faraar (Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo) and Guided by Voices on their awesome farewell tour.


I saw the 5150 tour in Worcester, MA. I too was 15 and wondered who the hill billies in overalls were until "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet".



You just come on down here and you can watch him from stage left. I'll even throw in a comfy chair and green room catering leftovers..lolol


MB, that abacab tour rocked, Phil Collins or no.

Word is that Genesis is considering a reunion, with Peter Gabriel AND Steve Hackett; but nothing is set up for sure yet, and it would be at least 12 months before anything comes of it.

Michael Bains

TC, as incredibly good as Gabriel is, I got chills when you suggested Hackett would be there too! Now that's a real reunion!

But, as BG said 'bout those SD ticket$, you know it's gonna be 'Spensive!!! {shakin'head} The Who's first Farewell Tour was only $15 for Floor Seats in '83. FLOOR SEATS!!!!11!

I skipped Cirque du Soleil in Vegas cuz it was $70. Shoulda seen it then because everytime it's been in Cleveland, it's been closer to $100. If I can't win tics in the Loge . . . {sigh}


My first concert was Helmet, Suicidal Tendencies, Biohazard and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Middle 90s and I found a huge hash pipe on the ground. I took that on a transcontinental flight back to the US and sold it to a kid in my dorm in high school.


Steve Miller Band, Fly Like an Eagle Tour. San Diego, California. 1976 or 77, I believe. There was a hippie girl blowing soap bubbles in the aisles, frisbees, and marijuana smoke.


"And that music is horrible."-said by your mom.
"and the music's horrible."-said by you.

sounds like your becoming your mom, and i dont like emo music, i like punk(not green day, thats just mainstream junk, publisized by the media as punk rock) i like indie, hardcore, and alternative, pretty much anything i can anjoy, what can i say, i love noise. Sonice Youth, by the way is a great band && take my word Incenerate by them is a great song.



I drafted the World Series of
Rock article described above and stumbled across your memoir as I was doing additional research to confirm what bands played in Cleveland Municipal Stadium and on what dates. Such a compliment to be quoted by someone who was there! I dig your blog and especially your attitude (and I just came home with a copy of Stevie Nicks' "Belladonna").



i was at this and thought the most BOSS thing was that wierd thing that fuzzed his voice on Do You (YOU!) Feel Like I Do? Pamela Des Barres was on MMS and said the guy with the smallest um... member that she ever did was Mr Frampton. there goes a teen's dreams.

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