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blue girl, give yourself some credit. You did an awfully good job right there. We get a taste of several 'round the sphere postings. (All about the country and Bush beaving more tyrannical all the time, and past that, what else can anyone say anymore?) Then you follow this with a real kick in the stomach: oh,no! Writer's block is an abominable frustration that's lying in wait, ready to snare us all. You do that clever, personal business with parts of speech, which do loom around to taunt us whenever the stuff is just not flowing. But maybe it doesn't always need to flow. A little syncopation makes the argument just as well--and, here's the big plus: teaches us a new dance step, before we've even thought it through. So now I'm all set for a brand new song.


BG- I don't think you have writer's block... I think you're just suffering collateral damage from our country's brain cloud. :(

almost Canadian

Wow Blue. Even when you don't make any sense you make more sense than the Republican death machine. What makes no sense to me is that the Religious Right. So called Christians. Those who think they follow Jesus. Seem to be FOR war and torture. Now that makes no sense.


....and in the process, bg, said more thanif you'd written a proper, grammatically perfect post.

The essence of good writing is getting the point across, the feelings through.

You did. Spades. everyone should have such a block.


Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. Writer's block plagues me constantly. It's just something you have to work past, even if the results look like my brain dribbles.

blue girl

Thanks for the support everyone!

I will conquer this writer's block! I swear I will!

Or not.



Brent, writer's block totally reeks of lame.



Pinko Punko

Don't watch the latest Olbermann clip going around.

What you need is a Blue Girl Cocktail.

I think you owe me a Celebrity Dream Cameo. Anything so I don't have to type up my weird one with Justin Timberlake and Jonah Goldberg.

Michael Bains

Sheer blackness that envelopes my mind causing paralysis and angst. And overwhelming anxiety that attacks every cell in my body, leaving me trembling -- shuddering, fearing for my sanity.

Wow! Not only read widely and share nicely can you do, decipher the underlying subtext of the emotional state of the guy who writes my blog have captured you too and so.

I hope you've had a few o' those BGCs over @ Pinko's. They'll really getchya feelin' quite peachy afore ya get too much more blockededededed.

(Nice technique! {-;)

Kevin Wolf

I think I'm having the same problem. Fewer posts, not much content. Trying to tough it out.

Is craving Cheetos a medically accepted symptom of writer's block?


Who needs words? Words needs who. Needs who words? Words are overrated. Overrated are words.

blue girl




Kevin, don't let Mr. Pinko Punko, Mr. Knows Everything About Cheetos, hear you say you're craving Cheetos!

You'll never live it down in the Blogosphere.


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