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Another phrase you should use more often: hell's bells! It made me smile, nay, laugh out loud to read it.


Shucks, ma'am, I'm honored to be able to add to the Blue Girl Lexicon. Believe It Or Don't does, indeed, need to be capped. With a Slammer.

I also use cobag, but usually only when I'm visiting the Blog That Makes No Sense. I prefer chuckletrousers otherwise.

Pinko Punko

Hahah- blug girl linked to herself when she tried to write cobag!

Kevin Wolf

Since I usually feel halfway to Bonkerville anyway, my crazy glass is half full all the time, if you will.

I look forward to the new Age of That's Crazy!


Why does everyone turn all iterations of my name into a goddarn insult?

blue girl

I know, hell's bells, Chuckles!

That's Crazy!

Adorable Girlfriend

Chuckles always thinks it's about him.


For me the glass is always half full, except for the majority of the time, when it is half empty.

But as for BG, I laugh, I cry, I got a funny rash - I mean, I learn something new every day* - she's got it all and more.

*except on days she doesn't post

Michael Bains

About the only time I don't LOL when reading Blue Girl is when she doesn't post!

I know. I know...

That's Crazy!

(But not as Crazy as the guy who's TV went out. Yikes on a porchstep!!!1)

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