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Michael Bains

Will you be eating in The Oak Room? It has the piano for atmospheric material for future posting.

I can keep the Skimmer and a steak company in the Blue Bar while you collect from Tom. Hey, I know! We can talk about how Blue Girly you truly are, and art and why do people fly planes into buildings and stuff.

Ahhh... I do miss the city.


Blue Girl, You are **obligated** just like every writer to write what you want! Your blog is not sponsored by a shampoo company or the Democratic Party (who have, true blue as I myself will always be, made a few greedy little political mistakes handling this mess), any more than Ronald Reagan is paying you big money to run ads on your site.
A few weeks ago, I wrote a post to someone, somewhere saying of course I agreed. In fact, I advocated an all-out revolt. After all, hadn't we ALL heard Bush whine that Iraq had dissed his daddy? That really was one of his first justifications for the war. And, after 9/11, news got out that the flight school in Florida where the airplane terrorists learned to fly, had entertained their notions for skipping any lessons re: taking off and landing. Couldn't they get a discount because they only wanted to learn how to steer the plane?
Yes, for those who can rant and rave: that's important. For those who really don't believe they can persuade someone like, say, Dick Cheney to open his eyes and see the light, maybe writing what fills our minds between working the telephone logs and handing out leaflets and storming off in a huff at our relative's Thanksgiving table, is precisely what we should be doing. Not everyone's one born politician. Or a political commentator. I get so frustrated and angry; I go to such wild extremes, trying to make "a point" that people laugh.
So pundits throughout the Internet: hear ye, hear ye: no political chicanery these past eight years is blue girl's fault. (PS. Who's Tom Watson?)

The Fat Lady Sings

Sorry to hear about the writers block, honey. I know how hard that can be to get past. And I agree with you on Bush's pretend intelligentsia. The mans a mattress. I doubt he reads anything other than the occasional menu. And talk about detached! The main ammo dump for Bagdad goes kablewie – and Bush says not one damn thing about it. Neither does Rumsfeld. What does he expect our troops to do without bullets? Go around pointing their guns and saying, “a-bang, a-bang, a-banga?”

blue girl

MB, Yes! Let's all go to New York! Um, today! We'll talk about everything and Watson can buy *rounds* of drinks!

grasshopper: I started this blog to write about politics but quickly started writing about everything else because so many other people write about it so well. I *want* to write about it, but don't feel I have any original thoughts on the subject. Tom Watson is a great guy and a great blogger. He's on my blogroll, down near the bottom. Go visit!

TFLS, "a-bang, a-bang, a-banga"


See? Everything just aggravates me so much about these people that all I'd do is rant and rave instead of *write* about it. Another reason I don't blog much about it.


BG... you're 29??? Wow! You're OLD! I guess I never realized! Thanks again for being my fairy blogmother. It makes sense now that I realize you are so much older than I...

As for Tom, maybe he can buy every Democrat and Independent a drink... Is it possible for dead meat to pick up the tab??

blue girl

I know Jennifer. It's hard to believe the big "30" is coming up so fast. But 30's the new 12, so I'm ok with it.


That's a *great* idea! Watson can buy everyone a drink! All they have to do is promise to vote!

That would out-do Karl Rove -- don't you think?

Adorable Girlfriend

You are under no obligation to blog anything you do not want to. Having said that, you are under obligation to expose one website a year that is pathetic and get us to go over and take on the kids there.

That is what makes blogging so worth it. For example, shootaliberal is my favorite when I am steamed. I just pop by, leave a comment about how pie-in-the-sky they are and I feel better.
Then I link to one of their sites and share with the readers of RoD.

In the end, it's about getting your rage out before getting in the car or whatever.

P.S. I'd be up for Tom buying drinks.


Amen to this entire post, BG. Though the whole pesticide EPA thing slipped passed me. GOOD LORD!!

I too was raised on politics and my mornings are spent shouting in disbelief at what NPR tells me is happening in the world and Washington. Blogging about it is just *too* much. It's all I can do to keep myself plugged in to know what's going wrong. But at least your governor election is obvious! I mean, mine is too (I guess), but the two major people are both completely crooked. I think I'm going to go third party and I just don't know how I feel about that.

Tom W.

The drinks I can handle (all invited), but "who's Tom Watson?" - that's the killer. Grasshopper will just have to wait outside, nose pressed to the Algonquin glass.

Clearly writer's block has been broken here, but your complaint that "everything seems so obvious to me that I'm having a hard time thinking that I even have to talk about it!" resonates. We all have that problem. It's too damned easy to write about GWB, and who wants to "caption this photo" or talk about how lame he is endlessly into the night. We know all that...

But I'd love to know what you think about Sherrod Brown, because we don't know him very well in NY and he seems to be a rising star (the NYT has a good profile today). Also, is Democratic economic populism stuff working in Ohio - and frankly, is it deliverable post-election?

You're at ground zero BG, the epicenter of electoral politics - I can hear that Neil Young guitar lick opening the classic "Ohio" right now....

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