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Tom W.

BG - it's about turnout on our side, and last time I checked, you're in one hell of an important state. But please, more impatiens prose!! (grin)

Dan K

I think you underestimate the power of political blogging. One post is never going to be able to change someone's mind, unless they've had it closed for some time.

That said, there are many people out there that are willing to admit that we just don't know the truth on every issue.

I tend to read a range of blogs that leans left (my general politics), but includes some libertarian (a personal vice) and even conservative voices. If someone can bring their own voice to the debate and generate readership, they will find that marginal or independent "swing voter". Not the dopey ones that just don't care about politics, but the ones that want to have an informed debate and refuse to place their party ahead of good policy.

Entertainment + some modicum of information has amazing persuasive power. Hate on Rush Limbaugh all you want, but his show draws listeners by entertaining them and slowly brings them around to his position via Pavlovian training. Granted blogs are a different market than radio or television, but if your goal is to change people's minds then the tactics should be exactly the same.


In terms of posting about politics, Bossy is from the ram it down their throats school. In terms of posting about everything else, Bossy is from the the ram it down their throats school.

blue girl

But please, more impatiens prose!!


Tom W., I'm working on making sure everyone I know is going to turn out! Dammit!

And I'll even start dropping subliminal messages into all my future impatiens and Shag Bun posts.

Dan K. -- I know where you're coming from, but here's a question. Can you give me a link to a conservative blogger who's not foaming at the mouth? Someone who writes about the issues without going nuts and calling liberals wingnuts or moonbats or whatever our nickname is?

Maybe I haven't scoped out enough of the blogosphere, but here's a quick take...

The more partisan you are as a blogger, the more partisan readership you are going to build. Nothing wrong with that, but I can't see it swaying a ton of people. I think it gets their defenses up.

But, then you have bloggers like Tom Watson and Lance Mannion who have a good mix of politics and other subjects and they draw a wider readership. Because they *do* blog about other things in addition to politics.

Who are their conservative counterparts?

So, maybe Tom Watson's right after all. If we all start blogging politics now, it'll help.

I don't know. Now I feel guiltier.

Tom W.

Mmmmm. Sure do love those pears. They're so yummy and pear-shaped. Unlike, umm, Sherrod freaking Brown! (Mike DeWine on the other hand...delicious AND pear-shaped).


they may not change hearts and mind, but they do provide some reassurance that the world is not filled with munchwagons and cobags


"I just have this feeling that it's the people in our real lives that don't pay close attention who are the ones we have to keep talking to."

I would just like to have someone in office again who actually governs. Someone who has the good of the people in mind, not just the good of the party. Didn't the parties used to be the means to the end with the end being the good of the country? When did it turn into the country being sacrificed for the good of the party???

I can't even stand it. I think we need more pear posts. Why don't you put another Skimmer painting up for the world to see. That would be uplifting.


Oops, I realize I added your quote to my comment, but then did not comment on the quote! I was going to say that I agree with the quote... but I'd still like to see more artwork. :)

almost Canadian

My theory is that we are all born with the tendencies to be a Republican or a Democrat. Through nurture the brain is molded toward one or the other. For example, you may live in a Republican household that tells you everyday that they are right and you begin to believe it. But down deep you feel that something isn’t right. So when you move out of your home environment and begin hearing different opinions you return to your original programming. This explains why many of us have parents who dwell on the dark side.

Michael Bains

I've got to heartily concur with both AIF and Jennifer, and half-way with Tom W.

As unappetising as Sherrod Brown may certainly sometimes be, li'l Mikey D simply turns my stomache, so a Dem I'll def be voting once again.

Who comes to my blog who's not going to vote Democrat anyway?

You did have that "Red Guy in a Red State" commenting here for a while. I'll bet your Skimmer posts did scare him away though! More Pears and Goopiness!!!


blue girl

Jennifer, I agree with you about electing people who put the country first. But, that seems to be an open-minded view. Which seems to be a liberal trait. Most Republicans I know think only Republicans put the country first. For example, I really like Chuck Nagle -- and I've heard my rightwing friend rip him to shreds, just for having a little sense.

Maybe I'm being close minded. I don't know.

AIF, you know blue girl is no munchwagon!

MB, Yeah, red guy in a red state did drop by every so often, but then -- remember when my cat got run over by a car at the beginning of summer and everyone was leaving such nice comments -- then, he showed up and accused us all of caring when a cat dies, so why do all love abortion so much? Then called us a bunch of hypocrites? Remember?!

The Skimmer is psyched that people are requesting more art.

I'm feeling as though I should start poliblogging a little so that Tom Watson doesn't hate me.

Kidding, Tom W! If you ever said you hated me, I'd turn all Republican on you in two seconds and kick your butt! Yeah! I'd pick a fight with ya. How 'bout that?


Larry Jones

You're right: Nobody is swayed by my stupid lefty rants. The few conservatives who have commented over the years have done so only to ridicule me and/or start a fight (which I gave them).

I'm trying to cut back, but I still do it because...

a.) the Republicans control all branches of government, so whenever anything in government is screwed up, it is by definition a Republican screw-up, and I can't help mentioning it, in the kindest, most constructive way; and...

b.) I have to speak truth to power, even if it means that some day I get to see the inside of one of those secret Eastern European prisons.

Ooh, I hope they haven't banned spankng by then.

Tom W.

You could take me.

almost Canadian

That "spanking" comment reminds me of the castle anthrax in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".

Anyone? Anyone?


I'm gonna vote straight Silly Party.

...but given how the dems behave normally, I'm not sure that amounts to a difference.

I do the political posts just for the therapy! Not to sway anybody.


"a.) the Republicans control all branches of government, so whenever anything in government is screwed up, it is by definition a Republican screw-up, and I can't help mentioning it, in the kindest, most constructive way;"

What more need be said?!?!??! It is indeed the simplest answer and the correct answer... the Occam's razor...

Don't stop giving it to them. And on that note, I think I'm going to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail tonight... I love rabbits with sharp, pointy teeth.

Adorable Girlfriend

Oh look, it's our potty mouth Jennifer who Res now hearts. Jennifer, you gotta get a blog, girl!

almost Canadian

It's only a flesh wound....BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!...I'm not dead yet...You English pig dogs, I fart in your general direction...


At this point, the third of people who support Bush are probably locked in to voting Republican now and in 2008. Keep in mind that, even after he was found guilty in Watergate, Nixon still had about a 10% approval rating.

I don't think the Democrats are going to magically fix things, and they will certainly have their own screw ups. But we've seen what the other side has to offer, and they're marching straight toward the top deck of the Poseidon.

Also, I am a reformed Republican. Raised in a conservative home, voted for GHWB in 88 (my first election). Now I wouldn't pull the lever for one of those idiots if they paid me...which Jack Abramoff tried to do.

almost Canadian

Damn you Blue Girl! You took my post in Tom Watson's comment thread.


Brando- "Also, I am a reformed Republican." So am I... I made the knee-jerk response of voting for Ronnie, not once, but twice! It was then that I realized the party had little to do with my life and how I viewed things. So... people can change. BG... are we still welcome here? :)

blue girl

First of all, almost Canadian -- what are you talking about? Did you go to Tom Watson's blog? Yes? Well then, why didn't you leave a comment over there?

I'm like The Comment Killer over there today.

Jennifer and Brando, I'd Pshaw both of you, but I'm glad you two finally came around!

Was Ronnie's declaration that ketchup is a vegetable have anything to do with your conversion?


I have to admit -- I loved when he said that. It's like W calling himself The Decider. I'll remember that for years to come, too.


BG- I do recall cringing at the ketchup comment, but I believe the main deciding factor was finishing college and moving into my real world and no longer living in my parents'. I also believe my baaaaad objective and somewhat liberal professors had something to do with it.

As for Ronnie, one thing I will say is at least he could give good facade. He could make it sound like he was in it for all of us... at least until the other shoe dropped. I was trying to remember last night, has W said anything that made you think he was in it for us all or does everything sound like he's stumping for the party? I'd say the latter. There is no all for one and one for all, it's all either your with him or against him...


That last your should be you're...

Michael Bains

Sherrod Brown makes me want to vomit with his quasipopulistic patriotism act. Especially cuz I know it's mostly not an act.

I'm wonderin' if almost cannadien is campaigning for Strickland. I'll head over and ask in a minute. A glass table ... (nope. I've said too much.)

Yaa uh. You seem a little bit dysfunction.

BG! What's that Seinfeld episode called? It's on right now.

Michael Bains


Open tag.

blue girl

Is the the windshield coffee table, MB? One of my favorites?

Jerry: How are you gonna know it's there? Are you just gonna sense it?


Michael Bains

And Kramer volunteers to let Elaine see him naked cuz he saw her.


Dan K

Blue Girl: two conservative bloggers that I regularly read are Andrew Samwick and Greg Mankiw. Both are economists, both served in the Bush administration. Both could probably be labelled as die-hard free market types. But they are academics and (for the most part) honest. 99% of the posts on the two blogs are about economics, but occasionally Mankiw will tackle something like ROTC on campus at Harvard and make some sense:

blue girl

Thanks, Dan K. I'll check them out. I don't specialize in any specific field -- my political posts will be more general. But, I appreciate you stopping back and leaving the info.

Pinko Punko


Sidebar love- dial it up!

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