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almost Canadian

Silly Blue Girl. There is no oxygen in Hell where those 40% come from. Only Sulfur. As pointed out by Chavez.


I was raised by very similar parents, at least my dad was. Now my dad has a subscriptions to Utne, The Atlantic Monthly and often reads Mother Jones as well. My dad simply refused to vote for president the last two elections while my mom waited until the last, to refuse to vote for a president. At the rate he's going though, my dad will be a full fledged, pot smoking hippy by '08 (ok, not really, but picturing my old man in dreads is very amusing).


Funny post, BG, and it makes me have hope for my father, a die-hard Republican. I can't see him voting for a Democrat, though, but I'll take a no-show from him if nothing else.

blue girl

Brando, I thought of the comment you left yesterday when I was on the phone last night.

My step dad is still a defender. Can't wait to see him again. It's going to be fun!

Adorable Girlfriend

Either that or they vote from afar. Like UC's family likes Bush. They can do so because they live in Canada. It makes total sense. I think that 40% just lives overseas and reads half ass news paper of truth.


It only took them all six years, a hundred brazilian dollar deficit, 2700-odd dead soldiers, an endless litany of half-lies, enemies where we once had friends, assaults on the constitution, welfare, education, medicare, lobbyist scandals, Katrina, Halliburton, bird-flu, terrorism, radicalization, polarization and disunity in our nation?
They're quick! Took the Romans a thousand!

Kevin Wolf

I guess we need to take what we can get, right?

I only hope the feeling is spreading...

almost Canadian

What is up with our parents? How can we be the spawns of republican'ts? My mom still thinks Nixon was a good president. What's scary is that next to these guys...he was.


Teach... your parents well.


They can do so because they live in Canada. It makes total sense.

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