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For the record, I am a guy (at least I was the last time I checked) and I love Cat Stevens.


love it, love it, love gives me pause to remember that my 16yr.old daughter's (17 yesterday)boyfriend gave her that song, "Arms of a Woman" specifically marked on the CD "from boyfriend." Also, it was Karen's dad who couldn't "get" Cat Stevens. You remember, my dad, the "sensitive one." Of course my husband, the Cooler, is threatened by Cat... Oh real deep, "I feel the power growing in my hair." Of course my response to that is "I think you may be exhibiting signs of jealousy over the hair since you have none."

BG, we DO just have TOO much fun, I love you!!


blue girl

DuWayne, Good for you! You're a Cool Cat!

Jenny, The Skimmer also doesn't *get* Cat. Shame, shame, shame. The Cooler and The Skimmer need to get in touch with their inner Cat, like DuWayne!

...Are you listening, Neddie Jingo?


barking up trees

make it pinot *noir* and i'm there, baby... ! :)

blue girl

barking up trees,

Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Pinot Pinot -- we're not picky!

Any kind will do except Pinot In A Box.

Left that behind in the dust long ago!



Nice post, BG.

blue girl

Thanks, Jennifer.


Loved the post, BG.

Also, I just heard a single from Cat (or Yusef, whatever) and enjoyed it... thought of you.

The Phantom Viscount

I really like "Wild World" and "Father & Son." Couldn't deal with "Morning has Broken" except for the fact that that is Rick Wakeman on the Piano.

The yusef mustachea factor is too hard for me to take, especially when he agreed with the Fatwa against Rushdie. I can't fathom why someone would convert to any religion. We can't stop our parents from indoctrinating us into some ancient idiocy, but to choose it as an adult?

Michael Bains

Cat'sef was always much easier to read than to hear, for me anyhow. Nice rhythms to his powerful words.

The music's just too bland and kids' songish for large doses, eh. Not that there's anything wrong with that... ;)

Michael Bains

And, yeah, what TPV said at the end there. D'oh!


Oh my. BG, I don't know if it's the Cabernet I'm drinking or this post, or perhaps the combination of the two...

...this tribute to Deborah; your warm, wonderful words about Steve; the musical link... I, well, excuse me please - I think I have something in my eye - both of them actually. I'll be back and I'll be bringing Steve with me. Lovely post. Thank you.

Adorable Girlfriend

Annieangel was hating on Cat Stevens today.


Now that's what Bossy calls a Pajama Party!

Chuck Champion

Thought I'd traveled far from Cleveland -- only to find I'm drawn back in by BlueGirl in a no-longer quite-so-RedState.

Thanks for the pointers to Amos Lee, Stephen K., and Deborah Tall. Thanks for the poetry of the daily, the call to 'daily practice', the celebration of this short moment. And to think, I thought I'd traveled so far ...

almost Canadian

Why does Natalie Merchant say "Tain" instead of "Train" when she sings Cat's "Peace Train"?

I'm not that into Yusef. I had a bad 8-track accident when I was a kid. Tea for the Tillarman damn near killed me.


"Why does Natalie Merchant say "Tain" instead of "Train" when she sings Cat's "Peace Train"?"

I like her cover of that song, but that has always bugged me! I figured she was smiling too wide to get the r in there or had on too much lipstick and her mouth got stuck.


BG- I forgot- I meant to mention that they were playing Amos Lee all day yesterday (he was playing in Chicago last night) on the station I sometimes listen to. Every time I heard him I thought of you guys running around in your jammies.

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