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Enough about the cats, lets talk about those cute Pajamas! Bossy's pajamas consist of t-shirts and sweatpants - which doesn't sound that bad until Bossy explains that these are t-shirts and sweatpants so ratty that they've been retired from her everyday wear for two decades. Which is just another entry under the heading "That Lucky Bossy's Husband!"

Res Publica


blue girl

Thank you both for noticing my cute jammies.



Do you both think this post sounds like me?

Do you?!

Times nine hundred million??!!!

I thought you knew me.


And obviously you didn't click on the link.


I wondered if I could pull it off.

Guess not.

blue girl

You know, I don't care if you guys *got* it or not.

I'm cracking myself up.

So, that's all that matters.


Just so you know, BG, Thursday is two days from now.

Larry Jones

At first I thought some other blue girl had taken over and was writing a guest cat post. Then I thought "What's next -- knitting?" Then I followed your link. I get it, but I would have been somewhat less freaked out if you hadn't gone on quite so long.

In principle, I agree with Lance Mannion's position, which I believe may be summed up as "Good writing is of greater value than indifferent writing." But I accept the fact that sometimes a blog is just a blog, and the fundamental things apply: small animals, singing, coupling and baking.

blue girl

I would have been somewhat less freaked out if you hadn't gone on quite so long.

Oh shoot. I should've gone on longer!

Pinko Punko

It only sounds like BG if BG were a cat herself, which she isn't.

Lance Mannion

Larry Jones: At first I thought some other blue girl had taken over and was writing a guest cat post. Then I thought "What's next -- knitting?"

Larry, don't undervalue blogging about knitting.


I didn't get this post. But then I followed the Link. Then I came back. Then I got the post. It was funny. Maybe not falling-off-the-chair funny, but funny.

It's good you crack yourself up though.

Your cats seem nice. We have a nice cat too. Sometimes I blog about him.

The Opposite of Quinn Cummings

It's good you crack yourself up though.

Yes! It is!

Res Publica

Despite the scurrilous slander that BG's been spreading all over the Intertubez about me not "getting it" because I'm "stupid", I actually did click through before I commented, and I did fully grasp the "meta" aspect of this post. However, I liked BOSSY's comment, and as I didn't really have anything to add to the in-joke between you and Lance "My Giant Head is Full Of Deep Thoughts" Mannion, I just commented about your spiffy jammies.

For which I have been shat upon across multiple threads on multiple blogs.

The Big Giant Head

Ohhhhh! My giant head has a giant headache. Too many deep thoughts at once. Anybody here have a giant Advil? I need one that's about two feet across.

Adorable Girlfriend

AG gets it. And AG spent 10 minutes thinking about the fact of how she got it.

Along the same lines, cute story for the group -- friends of mine have a four-year-old nephew. He was misbehaving the other day and his mother said:

Mom: "Xavier, I am the adult and you are the child. Do you know what that makes me?"

Xavier: "Mad!"

blue girl

Res, you are off the hook and I won't call you *stupid* across the Intertubez anymore. Not that I did anyway.

You crack me up more than I crack myself up.

But! Your email doesn't work, did you know that? It just bounces back.

Get off your cheap WalMart chair and fix it!

Cute story, AG.

And I would comment to The Big Giant Head, but I wouldn't want Res to start crying cuz he wasn't *in* on the joke.

blue girl

Maybe not falling-off-the-chair funny

TC, You mean it wasn't falling-off-my-thrown funny.

Res Publica

Which address bounced back, BG?

blue girl

Your one with your real name.

See? I have *in* things with you, too.

So stop crying.

Res Publica It's but anyway, you can try if you want. I just downloaded like 1000 stupid comment notices and traffic reports from there, so there's room LOL


Blue Girl has cats.

Watch them sleep.

Sleep, cat, sleep.

Night night, cat.

It's not night.

The woodwork creaks.

Maybe I will discover adjectives.


The signature did not appear.



Guess who's getting a kitty on Friday? (Me!)

Adorable Girlfriend

Claire -- we are going to need pictures. PICTURES and STORIES.

P-lover, you better be working on your meme. You got tagged, young bird.


i thought i was back in LJ-land for a second.

it's like an acid flashback, except without the ups.


Oh, there will be many photos shared. Whee!!

somebody important


Miss a minute; miss a lot, eh.

'Sar as I can discern, BG, you too are, in herr Mannion's words, specifically yourself.

It is kinda eerie to see how, somehow, that includes the writer of this post!



I forgot I'd made fun of "nobody important" the other day and that nom de mockery was still in my name box!



In just seven days' time Bossy wrote about rats, pressurized cheese, Luke & Laura, and toe socks. She is clearly not the final arbiter on blog content. Bossy always gets Blue Girl's jokes but still thinks BG's cute pajamas deserve special consideration. Did Bossy mention they are cute?

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