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Res Publica

comment threads tend to deteriorate into pornspeak rather quickly over there

I know, my blog is totally overrun by heathens and savages. I'm clutching my pearls as we speak.

blue girl

I'm clutching my pearls as we speak.


Res, will you write for my blog for awhile and I'll just pretend it's me? I won't tell anyone? You could just do that, if you want. I have no thoughts lately besides...I'm bored...and hungry...and bored...and hungry.



Res, I hope that pearl necklace was given to you by someone special.

BG, I don't come by here often enough.



"Res, I hope that pearl necklace was given to you by someone special."

Bwah! Maybe you'll get matching earrings next time. I got a pearl barrette once...

The Uncanny Canadian

That is the dirtiest thing I have ever read, Jennifer. Gross! How did you get it out of your hair?

BG, did you not follow the tuber pun motif on the 3Bulls thread that led to Chuckle's superlative Potato comment? That has got tuber the worst pun thread I've ever read.

blue girl

UC, you have to understand that you all work and comment on a whole different level than I do.

I don't know what in the heck you're all talking about half the time.



You're much safer that way, BG.

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