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Res Publica

Wow, I had no idea that you cheated that extensively!


Man. I need to start planning offensively NOW.

Res Publica

Sounds like BG is gonna be doing some drunk-blogging this Festivus!

Michael Bains

Man! I hope I figure out this recipe soon!

This Judge is gonna be hard!

(But I'm thinkin' that particular toddy is gonna help me at the end of the day. {-; )

Res Publica

Contestants who include the necessary ingredients for hot toddys (toddies?) will get extra points. This means brandy, tea bags, and honey. I'll supply my own lemon slice.

blue girl

I'm not sure it would hurt anyone's chances to maybe include one of these either.

I'm looking at you Pinko Punko Grincho! You've dug yourself such a hole -- thank The True Spirit of Christmas that you are married to such a fine lady who has saved that behind of yours from being banned -- BANNED! from the 2006 Festivus Festivities.

Res Publica

BG, your link is broken.

Now does everyone see why I want to do the spreadsheet?

The Uncanny Canadian

Res slays me. He's like the Bugs Bunny of blogdom.

blue girl

All right. All right!

All fixed now.

If anyone cares (and those who don't -- your names will be recorded for future reference) I really like the Snowy Evergreen one.

Something about it just says...I want to be hanging on blue girl's tree this holiday season.

blue girl

Res & Midniter,

I just had a great idea. Let's resurrect everyone's Permanent Record!

No Hot Toddy ingredients included in your package? That goes on your permanent record!

No fun little gifts from Sax Fifth Avenue?

No little creative touches, like mistle toe or anything?


Res Publica

People, don't let BG chump you into buying her a bunch of overpriced Festivus trinkets. This is a BAKE OFF, and Midniter and I will be judging your entries on their merits as baked goods.

And by "their merits as baked goods", I mean "how much cash you stuff in with the cookies".

Res Publica

Also, I can't believe they'd charge over $300 for those.

blue girl

I know! What the heck difference does it make if it's a Sarabella whatever or not!

Little kids in Indonesia probably make them for 30 cents each on top of it.

Res Publica

Well, that and....umm...they're not that cute. Go to the craft store and pick up a glue gun and some puffy paint. You can make your own.

blue girl

I think why I liked them was because of those puffy, pretty bows.

I like old fashioned trees anyway. Popcorn strands, those big fat lights, homemade ornaments.

But, I always try to get too Martha with my tree and it ends up looking dumb. I've tried everything -- ask the Skimmer, he'll tell you -- everything when decorating the tree.

Always comes out goofy. I don't know why.

Michael Bains

Silly Blue Girl... I don't know why.


Wanna take a test? It'll tell ya where you grew up from how you answer...

blue girl

Everyone! Go read MB's link right there. I got the same result as MB and will it will crack *certain* people up!


Adorable Girlfriend

Fridge note to MB: AG is going to send extra cookies for you to Blue Girl, unless you provide an address. While you may not be judging, AG sends cookies to the peeps she has met on the Internets. (ssshhhhh, don't tell Chuckles that. He's been too naughty this year to get cookies.)

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