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Adorable Girlfriend

Very cute!

We're discussing Mexican hookers and the bake-off in comments on RoD. We need to get some folks in on this.

Hey, can Michael and Blue Family all get together and help with the holiday bake-off judging. Unless MB wants to make cookie. MB, MAKE COOKIES!! Any other Blue Girl readers want to make cookies? There will be prizes.

If so, click on AG's name and come to RoD. Claire, we have already counted you.

blue girl

AG, me and Res will be the judges! I need to write a post about it. I'll be right over!


I'm baking this year come hell or high water!!! I missed it last year, but not this year.... I'M BAKING DAMMIT!!! Sorry BG. I don't know what came over me...

blue girl

That's ok. Let it out. Go ahead. I'm here for you.


I thought people would start telling me their thoughts on God, though.

Guess not.



God told me to BAKE!!!

What ever happened to Dishwalla???


Your lovely little poem and the quizzical,beautiful photo of an angel/imp make God seem beside the point. Or maybe I tend to find that Higher Being sensation when I wander off on tangents that are way beside the point, whatever it may temporarily be.
That floaty sensation, the little shivers I get when the tangents lead me to the possibility of a spiritual experience are difficult to resist. So I am always drawn to some odd aside.
*Thoughts* on God? Look at the botch the theologians and philosophers come up with, thinking about God.
He or She, Prime Mover, Pan-sexual Pi in the Sky--now you believe; and now you don't--shames me for thinking too hard so far out of my league. Anytime I try to reason logically about the existence or not, or string borrowed syllogisms together, the spiritual beings as I imagine them run off to play that old-tyme ethereal music of spheres, leaving me chagrined.


Oooh! Yay! I've already been counted in. :) That's fun.

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