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Michael Bains

Always there being an abundance of Jony Mitchell about is one of the wee things I miss about my first wife.

I guess you could say that I've seen Both Sides Now. I'm good with that.

Merry Christmas, Blue Girliest of them all!


A non Bake-off participant for reasons too banal to go into.



Nice, BG. I love that album. So does my roommate. I bought her this t-shirt last year for her birthday:

blue girl

Merry Christmas, MB!

Claire, "Blue on Blue" -- my kind of t-shirt!


Did you ship your cookies, Missy?

How's P-sycho?

Res Publica

I love blue. It's my favorite color. Did you know that it is also the most common "favorite" color on earth, regardless of culture? It's the UN flag and Mary's cloak. It's the clear sky after the storms, and the ocean lapping the sun-baked shore. Blue is hope and peace and comfort. I have a favorite Christmas ornament that has a gold pattern over a deep blue background; it looks like joy to me.

Also, there's nothing more beautiful than a Christmas tree glowing in a dark living room.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, BG, because you're a wonderful person. :)


"Blue on Blue"... I actually had that song stuck in my head all day yesterday... but it was Bobby Vinton !!! AHH!

I was feeling a little too blue yesterday... some kinds of blue are good, but I could have done with less of that. I am hoping today is a "Shiny Happy People" day.


I'm sorry BG (and Res), the cookies just weren't in the cards for me this week. I had a cousin in town this week (a surprise), so my evenings were a little full. I still have the gross cookies sitting in tupperware on my counter. They need to get tossed.

The Fat Lady Sings

There's just something about a lit Christmas tree that makes one introspective. I also like to sit in front of the fire looking at my tree; which is done up in blue and silver this year, as a matter of fact! Add in some Christmassy tunes and you have the perfect picture. I wish the outside ambiance was right, though. The weather's not conducive to mufflers and eggnog down here either. Temps in the 50's just don't say Santa's on his way! Still – the cookies are made, the presents wrapped, the critters effectively shooed away from the tree. And Christmas is a-commin’ – whether or not the goose is getting fat. So Happy Holiday’s, my dear! Be safe – and don’t forget to indulge yourself more than just a little!

Res Publica

Claire, don't sweat it...there's always next year! :)

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