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Hey, wasn't the BG/Uma sleepover around this time last year???

And... as for Res, I assumed he like nuts so I was liberal with nuts. I totally forgot about fillings being used as aphrodisiac body gels and lubricants!!! DAMN! What the heck was I thinking? I sent prude cookies!!!


*sniff sniff*

I liked this post a lot. :)

Res Publica

I agree. I am indeed a true gift to everyone who knows me!

Just kidding...thanks for the kind words. This post made me blush.

What's with the language police, though? I try to refrain from using any seriously bad words on your blog, but you quoted a couple of f-bombs above. Please note that I would never post the f-word on your blog. You blog is a lady.


Pinko Punko

Eff that! What is this love festival?

First off, I am naming the frangelico, white choc, butterscotch cocktail "the Republic of Dogs As If" cocktail, because I know he;d swill that shit down with one side of his mouth while badmouthing it with the other!

Puh uh shaw uh.

Later haters!



Res Publica

I doubt I could even swallow something that gnarly-tasting without puking.

Pinko Punko

Like you haven't...never mind. Maybe if I filled a giant eclair labeled "Chuckles" with it?

Res Publica

Like you haven't...never mind.

As soon as I submitted that comment, I realized the inevitability of responses like yours. Oh well.

Pinko Punko

Oh come on! I bet C's Double-U isn't disgusting. It's probably like tasting the fruit rainbow. I was thinking more eggs in aspic.

Res Publica

I think that your proposed cocktail would probably taste like eggs in aspic. Frangelico aspic.

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