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Happy 2007 Blue Girl! Happy New Year to you, your husband and son. And keep singing!

Michael Bains

Sheesh! I couldn't get through the 2nd paragraph without thoroughly disliking that guy. (I tried skimming the rest, but it just got worse.)

Was there a more precise antagonism for your aggression, BG? I'm sorry, but I just couldn't read far enough to find anything intelligent enough to warrant another dead-brain-cell-by-association with dude's flaming infection of mean and nasty ignoramia.

Happy Last Night of '06, m'Lady! I'm off to The D to dance it away.

Pinko Punko


blue girl

grasshopper, regarding the singing -- I'm gonna try if Jeddie will cooperate! It's *all* On Jeddie's shoulders! Yes! Jeddie is responsible for it all!


MB, he/she/it/whatever was ripping my buddy, Wolcott, apart! Pshaw! As Pinko Punko would say -- as if!


PP: Hiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeooooooooooo! Judo chop!


Happy, Happy everyone!

Pinko Punko

That dude needs some chillexlaxing!


wow. someone call the decrazification committee.

Larry Jones

I could hardly wade through it. In fact, I couldn't wade through it. The guy sure knows a lot of words, but I don't think Wolcott was injured. Hard to tell, though, because I still don't know what he was trying to say.

Happy New Year, and don't beat anybody up tonight. ok?


Of course Wolcott wasn't injured. Everybody knows you can't insult a whore.

blue girl

Vanderleun, Watch it! Or you'll get a Judo Chop!

Plus, no "wh" words on blue girl's blog. Be more creative if you want to comment here!


Ugg! I couldn't get past his picture. Damn, he must have been hiding behind the couch when God handed out heads.

Yes, I know, I am totally being shallow, insensitive and...well, mean. To bad.



Oh, by the way, I Stint Not seems to be a PC way of saying I s**t you not. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Oh, wait. Isn't it I am like rubber and you're like glue so that means you are sticking to it....

I am sooooo confused.

Arrrgghh!!!!!!!! It's that guys picture. Seriously. UGG!!!!!

blue girl

Hi Rook, I just read it again to see if "I s**t you not" works the way he wrote it. I can't tell. There are so many wordy words in that post, I don't even know what he's trying to say. I know he's trying to be *mean* and sound *smart* -- but ... but, it didn't work!


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