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Michael Bains

This is on a test.
If this had been a actual comment, it still may not have been funny, nor quotable, but it would ... umm,
nevermind, eh.
It's only a test.

Kevin Wolf

I once smashed my tchotchke. And it didn't even hurt.

Michael Bains

Huh. Works for me.

This is only another test to test the original test.

Thank you.



Hey, I was only passing on information! :) Since this person was so sure hers were smashed (and not due to yummy libations), I thought it might be catching.

blue girl

Hey, I just had a thought. Maybe the bloggers who are saying they're being blocked aren't even people!
Maybe they're bots!

Is almostinfamous a bot?


Oh no! He won't even be able to comment! And defend himself against botness!


Bossy loves Smashed Chakra - especially served over radicchio and drizzled with olive oil.

Res Publica

This comment is a test of the Emergency Comment System. This is only a test. In the event of an actual comment, this broadcast would be followed by official instructions.

This has been a test of the Emergency Comment System.

Michael Bains

Ironically, as my first two test comments - both with obviously passing grades BTW - sandwich Kevin's smashed tchotchke reminiscence, my comments are, once again, not showing up on said Kevin's blog.

Just lettin' ya know, bro. The last time that happened, they were invisible (nonexistent?) on RoD as well. Guess I'll be to testin' that now also.

Nope. All's well there as here.


i guess neither camino nor opera nor safari was good enough to satisfy typepad.

i am commenting in firefox2, which happens to be my least fave browser. so you have to know how much i lurrrve this site to fight through such horrors to get here.

blue girl

Typepad is investigating your situation, aif. I *stressed* in my Help Ticket that you are of the UTMOST importance. And that my day is ruined if I don't get a comment from you.

I shall update you when I receive one from them.

Over and out.


Reminds me of the time Blogger thought my entire blog was spam. I mean, I've been told that I repeat myself and have a tendency to blather on well past the point of making no sense whatsoever, but ... what was I talking about again?

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