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Adorable Girlfriend

Just a quick wish for a Happy 2007!

More when AG gets back from Cali.


I love that song, but why do I now feel like sucking on a tailpipe???


blue girl

I know! I heard this version first when I went to see the movie "The Departed." And I was sitting there thinking -- WHO IS COVERING THIS SONG! PSHAW! WHO WOULD EVER DO THAT??!! THEN! I realized it was Van Morrison.

Ok. All is forgiven!


It's one of my favorite songs of all time. In the top 5 for sure. I just love it.

I need to post something happier though. Thinking...thinking...thinking...


Yes, happier posts!!! Pleeeeeeeeze! Something that will make people snort and pee! There's just not enough snorting and peeing going on if you ask me!

And yes, Van did an awesome job and can cover whatever he feels like.


Okay. Since there are commenters who would like to laugh, I have something.

I discovered this site by doing the following:

Running across a right-wing troll on ThinkProgress in their comments section by the name of Kevin. Kevin was trying to defend the imbecilic statement that Condi Rice was the next President by telling people to go to Wikipedia and read about her.

In my ever-growing attempts to make people laugh and make tighty-righties look like the fools they are, I told him how silly it was to offer such general links and put in my own - a Google Search with the Text "Kevin is a nincompoop".

Said search brought me to a post of the site of The Viscount LaCarte who had posted a comment made by Blue Girl on his site. I followed her link here.

So, in essense, I found this site by typing "Kevin is a nincompoop" into Google.


blue girl

Hi Nicho, That's great! Since I've been without happy post thoughts today, I think I'll post your comment! Lots of people will get a kick out of it!

Happy New Year!

Larry Jones

Thanks, BG. The song suits me and my mood. My only problem is I'm not numb enough. I need morphine, or a "Petticoat Junction" holiday marathon.

Michael Bains

Great.. Now I wanna consume "large quantities". Of what, it hardly matters at this point, now does it...

Just kiddin'. 'Tis excellent, though I think that Van does Waters' bits much much better than Gilmore's. And the guitar is smashing!

Happy 5th Day of Christmas!


I was not able to listen to the media while I was at work (streaming media = no-no) and to be perfectly honest I was afraid to listen to any Floyd cover, regardless of who did the cover. Gilmore is one of my favorite guitarists because his tone is just godly.

But I gotta admit, now that I've listened I must say that I'm impressed.


great find. i think i need to watch 'the departed'. dont get around to watching many movies nowadays :-(

The Fat Lady Sings

Whenever I hear this song I think of that scene in 'The Wall' where Pink’s reconstructing all the bits and pieces of his life. The maze of one mans mind laid out in two dimensions. Everything's there; just not in any assessable pattern. Artists are funny that way.

I knew Pink was really Syd Barrett. Everyone did, I think. When Syd died I listened to 'The Wall' – and thought of that scene. Did the pieces of his mind come together at the moment of death? Or did he pass into nothingness - those bits and pieces still swirling around forming obstruse patterns only he could fathom?

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