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that was wonderful. I'm gonna put it on my holiday playlist.

You've got a spectacular voice, BG.

My holiday top ten-ish is here:

Enjoy the Holidays in Blue fashion!


merry christmas and a happy new year. once the 26th rolls around, i won't be here till '07. so take it sleazy till then!


BG! Your voice is great!! How fun is this? Go you and Neddie! I love this song.

Res Publica




Not only is that my favorite Christmas song in the whole entire world, but your voice is GORGEOUS! I loved the guitar, loved the slow, sentimental pace, loved it all!


OK - Bossy has nothing glib to say, that was really touching. Joni Mitchell fan indeed. If we're still feeling festive, come on over to Bossy's blog to find out why all Bossy wants for christmas is 114,000 viewers a day!


Blue Girl- That was wonderful!!! I'd say you just stopped looking at the closed door and climbed out your window. :)

And Neddie was awesome as well.

almost Canadian

Wow! What a set of pipes. And Jeddie great job as well. I know how hard it is to work long distance on a creative collaberation.

Love the album cover. Hat's off to The Skimmer on turning you guys into Peanut's characters.

Larry Jones

Sweet! I love it. Many, many thanks to the three of you for this beautiful Christmas gift. Looking forward to next season...


That's simply wonderful.


Jaw hanging open! That was AMAZING! Blue Girl, what a lovely voice and Jeddie playing just great. Thank you for this both of you.

Michael Bains

Oh that we
could always see
such spirit
through the year

Your voice and the performance are as beautiful as that hopeful, joyous sentiment.

Merry Christmas, Blue Girl, and to your whole Blue Crew.

Happy Holidays all!

blue girl

Thanks so much, everyone. I mean it. All your nice compliments mean a lot. Really. I appreciate it more than words can say.

Jeddie and family are going through some sad stuff right now. That's why he's not around. Please everyone -- send some good vibes and wishes their way.

H. Rumbold, Master Barber

Great work! Your song demonstrates why we need smoky bars and bartenders who pour doubles.

Aron Head

Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed. Will you be sharing the mp3 for download (please)?

blue girl

Sure! The only way I know how to do that is to email it to you, Aron Head! Email me and I'll email you! Thank you!

Michael Bains

1 4 me 2, please BG. All the christmas music I once had now refuses to play for some DRM reason. {harumph}

You guys' rendition, great as it was on first listen, is really ever more enjoyable with each play through.

Joyeaux Noel!

Neddie Jingo

It's over. Sweet old Chase Porter, Scourge of the Oil Shiekhs, died this afternoon. Kissed strange womens' hands in the Alzheimers' Ward until the day he died.

I'll post something Jolly and Christmassy tomorrow. Tonight, I'm gonna listen to Blue Girl's deliciously evocative vocal and just Love Everybody.

blue girl

Jeddie, I'm so sorry. So sorry. Please let Wonder Woman know how sorry we all are. What a tough time.

...I'm sorry.

Pinko Punko

I kind of felt like your voice was making sweet love to my ear, in a chaste, bloggy way of course. Thank God I don't wear turtlenecks, I'd be toast from the smokiness.

Thank you neddie and bg (I realize that Neddie has bigger stuff going on now, but I appreciate that he did this with B).


BG, email me the song, and i'll send you back a link for it where people can download it from :)

Tom W.

Holy smokes, what a talent! I had no idea - it's also one of my faves, and I love Neddie's arrangement. I'm calling Feinstein's at the Regency right're coming to NY, BG. Or is it Blues Girl?


Other-worldly lovely. Do you have any other supernatural talents we should be aware of?

The Viscount

That was gorgeous.


I stripped it out of the Quicktime file into an AIFF file for my iTunes, but I can convert that to mp3 for anybody that wants also.

Again, just gorgeous. I was playing the Christmas mix in the office yesterday afternoon, and when this song came up on the random, it just blew me away. Again. Fits right in between stuff like Bruce Cocburn, The Chieftains and Sarah McLachlan.

Res Publica

This song MUST be on my iPod by the end of the day.

Neddie Jingo

Anybody who wants the MP3 can download it here. (PC: Right-click. Mac: Control-click.)

Thanks for all your kind words, folks, both here and at my place. Healing has begun. We will have Christmas!

b tween

wow BG, NJ, that was gorgeous. When's the rest of the album coming out?
And to everybody else: Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth.


neddie beat me to it, but here's another link for the song.


Awesome, BG -- I'm deeply impressed. Happy holidays!


Beautiful. You have quite the lovely voice, and I must admit, a good jazz number does wonders to cheer me up around this time of year. Thank you, and happy holidays.


Too cool.

After being on a repeat loop for an hour or so in the backgound, it feels like I've always know this awesome version of this classic.

As the kids say, mad props to you and Neddie.

Are you taking requests for next year?

blue girl

Wow, you guys. Thank you *so much* for the positive feedback. I mean it. Makes me all mushy and gushy inside.

And the thought that Neddie and I are on someone's i-Pod, or repeat loop or playing in someone's office is just. the. coolest. thing. I. can. think. of.

I mean it! How cool!

And sure, Sluggo -- whattya wanna hear?


Make sure there's lots of rubato in whatever song you choose, just to drive Neddie straight up a wall!

To all of you out there who celebrate Christmas:

Merry, Merry Christmas. You guys are the best. And I appreciate all your comments and support -- and just in general how cool you all are.

And Happy New Year, too.


The Fat Lady Sings

Beautiful, my dear. You have such a lovely voice. Happy Christmas! You do know that the artwork evokes Schroeder and Lucy - right? Though the end result is much more harmonious!


Blue Girl,

That was such a beautiful song. Thank you for taking the time to make it and share it with us.

Merry Holidays!

Res Publica

Merry Christmas, Blue. :)

blue girl

Merry Christmas, Res. :)

blue girl


Let us run to learn
How to love and run;
Let us run to Love.

Yes, let us.

That says it all, Res.

Thanks for posting it.


Peacechick Mary

Wow! I am impressed. Excellent, all of you. This has got to have an encore.


Thanks for the truly wonderful song.



This was wonderful, thank you for this awesome blogsphere present..

I hope you and your family and everybody on this blog enjoyed a peaceful and wonderful Christmas.


I am so late coming to hear this. Fortunately, the song doesn't care: it's still awesome.

Sweet, sweet performance.

Yay Glue Jirl and Beddie Ningo!

The Heretik

Si. Bueno.

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