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:)... or should that be 8)


that might work better with a nose-



As for PP and UC... I'm hip to their sneaky, cookie-grubbing ways... if they were truly meant what they said, they'd have blogrolled me by now!

I'm going to invent a cookie for next year... the Blogroll!!! Mmmmmm!!! And they can't have any! :-p


Okay, I can't type. I mixed sinus medicine and a beer... that should have been "if they truly meant".

Or... maybe they ARE truly meant!!!

Tina Fey

I want my glasses back.

Johnny Nash

That's what I'm talkin' about.

Adorable Girlfriend

You get 'em, Blue!

That UC is nothing but a traitor. You saw what he did to AG during the bake-off. He'll sell anyone out. He's a user and an abuser. Let's get his traitor arse back to Canadia, shall we?!!

The Uncanny Canadian

I'm so sorry, Blue Girl. I feel like dirt. What can do I do to make amends? Should I convince Pinko Punko that your RSS feed is, in fact, not screwed up, and that you have exquisite ice cream consuming technique?

Did I mention that you are looking absolutely fabulous in those new glasses? I'm personally a big fan of the frames. AG just started wearing a pair of glasses, and she looks exquisite in them.

Tina Fey, I love your new show. I super super heart 30 Rock. It makes me laugh-out-loud more than any other show on TV, including the ultra-genius The Office and Scrubs.

blue girl


Let me ponder.

There are endless amends-making possibilities.



Adorable Girlfriend

Don't fall for his trap Blue. He's calling Jennifer when you're not looking tell her she looks fab in glasses. He lies. He cheats. He makes me want to cry.

And Pinko, he's no better.

They should not be trusted.

Tina Fey

UC- I super, super <3 your pluripotent pants! :)

AG- I super, super <3 your moxie!

BG- I still want my glasses back!!!

Adorable Girlfriend


That isn't just for kids anymore, is it?!

What the hell is a moxie?!


MOXIE: Spunk, get up and go, that go get 'em attitude, drive, energy, perseverance, don't get in my way, can do attitude, ain't no stoppin' me now, here I come!, determination, etc, etc, etc.

It came from an old soda named, Moxie. I never knew of the soda, but my mother often used the term. My mother is also 100% moxie... don't get between her and an idea. :)

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