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Hi BG,

You know I bought this book for my mother for Christmas then forgot to give it to her. It's floating around this house somewhere. I guess now I'll have to read it myself. She won't mind the used copy, I'm sure.

I love the quote you posted regarding Nora's thoughts on being a parent. I do hope there is no such thing as the "point of no return". I look forward to some day feeling, once again, like a "moderately neurotic, fairly cheerful human being".

As for the black turtlenecks, I too have a closet full of them. However, lately I've noticed that the black v-neck is slightly more flattering. My neck is so far the least of my worries. Nor do I have a double chin. At least not until I put a turtleneck on.


BG: it's a little known fact that Nora Ephron is in fact Bossy's soulmate! Cool, huh? The only thing Bossy needs is for someone to tell Nora.

blue girl

I'll tell her at the dinner party!


Connie, you'll love this book. Let me know what you think. The parenting chapter is especially good.


"There's no point in making pie crust from scratch."

She LIES!!! At least about this. :)

As for black turtlenecks, I am fond of the mock turtleneck and not because I need it. My neck, somehow, managed to stay young.

Now if only they made a black, turtleneck bra. :)

Pinko Punko

BG, are you being sarcastic?

They should make a black, turtleneck bro.

Larry Jones

Blue Girl, you rock! You spelled "Katharine" correctly.

blue girl

Yes. But. Can I spell Thrown and Statemen?

blue girl

PP, what? About the cheese?


Considering the comedic gold that came from a number of the exchanges in When Harry Met Sally, I'm surprised that you hadn't noticed her sooner.

blue girl

Nicho, I wasn't a huge When Harry Met Sally fan -- although I have seen it four million times. Plus! I'm The Queen of noticing things just a tad late in the game. It's a specialty of mine.


Adorable Girlfriend

AG is coming to that dinner party with her purse-o-plenty and black and white stripped turtleneck and her pants that she thinks Audrey Hepburn would love.

Kevin Wolf

Apparently, there are no men invited to this dinner party.

blue girl

Of course you're invited, KW. That's where I'm going to sprinkle fairy dust in your martini.




Great review, blue girl: so good, I **almost** feel as if I don't need to read the book now. It's clear you and Nora Ephron are indeed soulmates: clever, funny, friendly, and funny, funny, funny. Considering it's time, place, and the specific actor and actress playing the leads, "When Harry Met Sally" was certainly nothing of which one might feel ashamed.
The phrase above brings me to a legend so thoroughly imbued in American culture, I have hesitated to mention it for fear of sounding trite. BUT...when someone remarks that "one ought not to end a sentence with a preposition," the correct response is, "Not where I come from, Asshole."

blue girl

Thank you, grasshopper. Regarding ending a sentence with a preposition. You know, people change everything I write every single day -- and I'm used to it. So, usually it's no big deal. BUT! I got *lectured* for about a full minute and a half about it, on speaker phone, no less, with about seven other people listening. And they were all inhaling dramatically about my shocking error!

People get on my nerves.

I feel as though I should explain my dislike of When Harry Met Sally. Like I said, I've watched it so many times that, deep down inside, I probably don't dislike it as much as I would like to think I do. I've just always seen it as too Annie Hall and not half as good. But, that's my bias. My whole life and character -- My whole being! My hopes! My dreams! were formed in the two hours I saw Annie Hall when I was 11 years old. It is part of my DNA. I'm irrationally protective of it.

Just know, that if it was *me* who wrote When Harry Met Sally, because I had been so heavily influenced by Annie Hall, that I would sing its praises till my dying day. And then a few days after that, I hope that as you were all sipping champagne at the reception that followed my funeral you would all raise your glasses to my funny, successful movie.



BG, I meant to comment earlier that I chose my black turtlenecked sweater today in your honor.

Personally, I love WHMS, but I was 11 when I first saw it and didn't see Annie Hall until much, much later. Actually, Sleepless in Seattle hit more home to me at 12. I remember being home sick and watching and re-watching it a million times. I've always blamed Nora Ephron on my enduring ridiculous romaticism.

Pinko Punko

You can dangle prepositions all you want, except if you say "where is it at?" Not only is the preposition dangling, it is totally unnecessary, and I will hammer your ass for it. ON NOTICE!


What, PP? No mention of Blue Girl's failure to use the subjunctive? What kind of two-faced grammar policing do we have going on here?

Adorable Girlfriend

Ignore Pinko. He is a first class creep and not worthy of the fairy dust that BG will dose our lovely KW with.

BG --- tried to send an e-mail today to you. It bounced back. What the address I should e-mail to you?


What I hate about the grammar police is the "A ha!" glee they take in finding an error, like they just won a verbal game of Clue. "It was Blue Girl, in the copy deck, with a dangling preposition!"


you know, grammar mistakes bug me sometimes, but i'm not a complete chundermuffin about it. that guy probably needs a big bear hug. from an angry kodiak bear!

The Fat Lady Sings

I think you should write that letter, honey. Of course - explain the thought processes that went with it, soup to nuts; but write and send it all the same. Sometimes whims should be indulged. They not only fulfill our own, personal deep-seated needs; they often lead to things that are special and unexpected. So trust me on this my dear - write that letter. You never know what magical something it might bring.


Great Read, BG.....Loved the adolescent section and brought a tear to my eye when she said when your children leave the nest, redecorate the room immediately or they will feel they can come back - uugghh! It is not a memorial - make it a place to wrap presents at Christmas! Don't tell Nora, but I like the memorial idea more....

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