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Nigel's bangs are bigger than his ass. Wait... that doesn't sound right. Anyhow,you know what I mean.

Did you get those Betty Paige bangs?? Elton's kind of look like that. Kind of.

I dread overly short bangs. I always feel like they make me look insane, but they do grown.

blue girl

Is there a bigger horror (besides overall -- the Bush Administration, Iraq, Scootergate, Karl Rove, etc.) than bangs that are cut too short?

I say no.

She left them long, but she thinned them out. I hate that! Why did she do that? God! I like heavy, long bangs. In my eyes, so I have to swoosh them over. Not *quite* Joey Ramone-like, but close. Stylists refuse to listen to me.

That's why I don't trust them.

Elton's bangs are soooooo short! What was he thinking?


Mine are longer than that...

Adorable Girlfriend

I heart EJ. I saw him in concert in ugrad. He threw his towel into the audience and my ex-boyfriend caught it. Then he gave it to a little kid. I wanted to strangle him. I suppose I was meaner then.


Larry Jones

Sorry -- couldn't pay attention long enough to any of these clips to see Nigel's bangs or his ass, even though they're not as long as Dances With Wolves (the clips, not the bangs). Anyway, aren't these videos like 25 years old? Nigel doesn't even have bangs anymore. He looks kind of like Neil Diamond these days.

The Viscount

I love the period just before Yellow Brick Road - great stuff.


BG- NO! She thinned the bangs! She spiked the bangs? That can definitely up the insane quotient. But they will grow. Or as I said above, they will *grown*... maybe I was thinking of you groaning when you saw your bangs.

blue girl

Larry, I was wondering if you'd like Elton. No? You're one of those, huh?

I think Razor Face might be my favorite Elton song of all time. And um, these clips are 35, 36 years old. Wow.

Come on Razor Face my old friend
I'll meet you down by the truck stop inn
With a bottle of booze in the back of my car
You're a song on the lips of an aging star
Razor Face, oh amazing grace!

Viscount, I love Madman Across the Water. Stuck on an 8 hour trip to my Grandma's house in 1972 maybe? In my dad's Corvair -- listened to it 9,000 times on the eight track. I know every beat.

blue girl

Jennifer, Yes! She thinned my bangs.

Scissors weilding wench.


I've got thick hair, so everyone's always all about layering it and thinning it. Enough with that! I just never know when they're going to go that one step too far. I'm always on the lookout for when they're about to do it, but I always miss it.




The problem with Dances With Wolves is that it turned Costner from an actor into an insufferable ass. The movie itself is pretty good. A little hokey, but good.

I like U2 and Friends up until the last couple of seasons. Both of them get bum raps -- it's not like their Styx and Full House. I refuse to apologize for either. No retreat, no surrender!

In it's natural state, I have total Beatles hair. Really thick, really straight, really determined to not do anything. I have to keep it short and full of product unless I want to look like I'm going on Ed Sullivan.


Oi, typos galore in that comment. I really need to hit preview before I post.

Larry Jones

BG - Actually, Honky Chateau is one of my favorite albums of all time. I don't think it's representative of Elton's body of work, however.
And Brando - speaking of insufferable asses, I saw Elton being interviewed by James Lipton on A&E a couple months ago. Oh, the pomposity! It was oozing from the two of them like oatmeal running over the edge of the stage.

billy pilgrim

Oddly enuf, I like Elton, in a platonic kind of way. Yellow Brick Road was one of the first CDs I bought when I got my first CD player. He had such a kickass band then.

Like LJ, I don't think it's representative of his body of work, and there's much that I don't care for. But hey, the guy's nothing if not a worker. And he dressed like a duck.

For The Record, I have good hair. Long, thick, wavy, it refuses to behave, but there's no MPB showing through, and the gray strands are acting as highlights. I'm growing it out right now. Eventually, I'm sure I will get fed up with the Care and Feeding, and order my stylist to "Cut It. Cut it all off! it refuses to behave. Make me look like a mental patient."

billy pilgrim

Incidentally, Brando, at times I like Styx BETTER than U2.

No excuses, no shame. They are what they are, even if it's total cheese.

Adorable Girlfriend

Styx? What are you Adam Sandler's character in Big Daddy?


BG - you are TOO much. And you're right, bangs cut too short is something slightly worse than bangs that curl at the crown (Bossy.)


BG, I hear your pain. I had my hair layered once, and have rued the day for three haircuts (and counting). I've thought of billy p's solution myself more than once.
AG - the towel indicates that there's a good reason he's an ex. Did he even ask if you wanted it?

blue girl

cobalt, I so didn't want to rue the day, that's why I put off getting it cut forever. I'm not in *total* rue mode, but I am rueing a tad. In the past, I've just tried to fix it by getting it cut even more, but I'm not going to do that this time. I'm going to stay calm and let it grow.

Just, let it grow.


The Skimmer

Luckily Blue girl has beautiful eyes as you can see from her blog header. What you can't see is the patch over her left eye.

(like a pirate)


I see The Skimmer knows the secret to a happy marriage -- making fun of your spouse!

blue girl

Oh, Brando. You don't even know. When we first met, it was a *death match*! I mean, down to...

I know you are but what am I?

It was great. You gotta laugh. Yep. Yep.

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