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I think that emu hiding in your two-lips may be killing them.

You're absolutely right about flowers for no reason. Easiest way to win brownie points. And a man can suggest another man buy his woman flowers, as long there is a reference to the flower purchase leading to in-like-Flynn-program-related-activities.

blue girl

And a man can suggest another man buy his woman flowers, as long there is a reference to the flower purchase leading to in-like-Flynn-program-related-activities.

Well, you could think of it that way, I suppose. Keep hope alive, Brando!

Yes! It might be the Emu! But, it could also be the Melon Ghost to the left of the Emu, casting evil melon spells on my blooms.


almost Canadian

You're to hard on The Skimmer.

If he had come home with flowers on his own it could start a "flowers arms race". Each time you would expect more.

First he brings home flowers. Then it's flowers and a box of Whippets. Then it's flowers, a box of Whippets, and a bottle of wine.

Where does it end?

blue girl

I don't know.

Diamonds and gold?


Bringing home random flowers could have gotten Joe in more trouble! What if Karen thought he was overcompensating for something. She would have been suspicious. Skimmer might have just saved a marriage!!


on the other hand, the blue girl wall of fame looks like it's coming along pretty well... if that is the very same wall we were all promised pictures of, and not any old random wall from your mansion.

billy pilgrim

Flowers? Pshaw!

More Motorcycles!

And Posts of the Rich and Famous! Tell us how you crush the little people, and then ride over them with your bike ! With No Helmut!

Better yet, crush someone for us! Yea. Live blog it!

Larry Jones

If I had a happy blue acrylic desk like that, I could get along without the flowers.


maybe "almostinfamous" is is always nice.



Grizzled has always gotten me flowers at random... has from the very get-go. I would prefer to think that he's just nice and wasn't planning for the day when he might need to bring home random flowers. :)

I spotted that emu as well. Emus as so gassy! I'm guessing being downwind of that emu is NOT helping the fleurs.


Blue Girl: Bossy must tell you that her heart was skipping in feverish delight as she read your post and viewed your photos and thought for almost one full minute that you had gotten rid of your desk lamp!

But no, there it is in the final photo.

Nice flowers, though.

blue girl

Hi everyone!

BOSSY, But don't you think the "I Voted" sticker on the shade helps at all? Or how 'bout the golden glow that is casting upward by the Emu?


Doesn't do anything for ya?

Larry, I painted my desk blue a few weeks ago. I also did a podcast while I was painting it! But, I couldn't figure out how to convert it to an mp3 to post it. Too bad, too. It was quite exciting!

I was going to paint my desk (which is an old wooden door) red. But, then I figured blue girl shouldn't have a red door.


Blue Girl, Tulips are always beautiful. Next time they droop out of the vase in all different directions, cut the stems much shorter. Give them completely new, fresh water and fresh cut the stems on the slant everyday. But even if they're bugging out all over, one antenna this way, another that, pay attention to them. Absorb what they're all about even if they don't open up. Sometimes florists freeze them and they don't open. But it's not their fault.
Your third bouquet is extremely pretty. And I like those big-faced daisies, too. Manny thinks they're too expensive, which probably really means he doesn't like them, because he'll spend movie and a dinner money on a couple of sickly birds of paradise.
To each his/her own: Maybe you really aren't a tulip girl. Forsythia and I don't get along at all, if we're both inside. I like them fine outside, as long as they're wild and not sculpted into a yellowy hedge. But in the same room with me? Ick. I've even asked the woman who cuts my hair to please move them aside for a while.
Last year, lilacs, which permeated the sweetest, most romantic childhood phases of my entire life, seriously freaked me out. Our apartment is small and the smell of one small bunch was overpowering. They made me weep for two days, all day, until I figured out that they were the reason. The fragrance was just too frightening transporting, too heady and nostalgic for me to take.

Res Publica

I love tulips, even when they're drooping. They're so lovely.

blue girl

Hi grasshopper, I have to say that I really enjoyed the tulips. The all opened fully -- and they're so sheer and delicate when they open. I took a lot of photos of them open, but I'm such a bad photographer, the photos don't look nearly as pretty as the real flowers did. The baby pink ones were so delicate -- and the larger, deeper pink ones were just awesome. And I kind of got a kick out of them going all haywire. They were just flopping every which way. I love them.

Hi Res....I type from my Chinese Hacker cell....

How are you?

Michael Bains

Grasshopper's wisdom is True and So. When in love or just "not unhappy" I've often performed random acts of flower-giving but've found that such is received differently, or indifferently, by different women.

Doesn't matter though. This post reminds me that one of the things I miss lots 'bout having a lady is having a manly excuse to buy flowers. {sigh} {-;

You're not such a bad Photo-Graph-Er, BG. :-) But I know the feelin' Visa-Vee my own skills in that regard.

Gonna send ya something from my sister, Blue. It reminded me muchly of your "numb to tragedy" post. Sending her a link to that as well.


Perhaps the dying flowers could be given as get-well presents to the little people that Blue Girl will crush while returning to her mansion on her motorcycle?

Adorable Girlfriend

Blue Girl, AG has a few thoughts on this one:

1. AG hearts BG. I never tell you that enough!
2. Is that an Emu on the wall?
3. WTF with the Skimmer? It's not like you asked the guy to buy tampons.
4. He owes you flowers given 'teh Bossy incident'.
5. He better keep 'em coming or the next thing he'll see in a vase is his balls on a stick.

Let him know that AG said that.

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