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Larry Jones

I don't know why you think it's all about you, Blue Girl. But maybe a fearless and searching moral inventory is in order. The epidemic of people living in mansions is a serious matter. If you or someone you love is living in a mansion -- just sayin' "if" -- please get some help before it's too late.

Also, since we can't see your mansion, how do we know you're not hiding it?

blue girl

Jones! Look! There's Al Gore!'s always all about me. Pshaw...

Larry Jones

Oh, and by the way: I only live in this shotgun shack because I want to. It makes me feel earthy and helps me keep my common touch. I could totally live in a mansion, but I don't need to.

blue girl

Larry Jones, we all must get passed these superficial things that others feel "give us an image" to each other. Shotgun shack? Mansion? Whatever.

It's what's inside that counts.

Like gourmet kitchens...


Quoth the Blue Girl:
Not too worried about keepin' up with the Jones's over here...


Okay. It needs to be said: Humor like this is punishable by horsewhipping in 23 states.


Blue Girrrrrrrl?? Can you hear me??? Am I echoing down the halls of your mansion??? Is Blue Butler busy getting you another latte since the distance from the kitchen to your spacious office is too far for the latte to still be warm? Have you considered getting your own espresso bar and barista set up in your office?

I don't live in a mansion. I just live in an area where you have to pay the price of one for a cracker box. :( But, it's still my cracker box and for that I am grateful.


Bossy is reflecting on the fact that it would only take about 62 toilet paper squares to sheath her entire house.


I didn't know there were rehab clinics for mansion addicts. Do the "clients" live in gopher holes? Half-way through treatment do they get special outings during which they can practice exemplary scullery-maid behavior? Are there clinics in the Bahamas, Malibu, Antigua?
How many butlers do you have on staff, Bg? How many fetching young women in super short black and white uniforms, aching to communicate in the exotic accents with the Lord of the Manse?
Still: two-and-a-half bathrooms! It's enough to may the mind reel.

Michael Bains

All teh Mansions in that neighborhood are really nice. They've just got some sort o' critter-crossin' issues though, since they don't allow hunting.

You should tell Blue Kid to set some traps in the neighbors' yards. It'll help cut down the woodland overflow problems.

BTW, anything over 3 Bedrooms is either
A: A Mansion
B: A Bed and Breakfast.

This is an arbitrary and capricious Pronouncement meant to invoke a Pshaw (as is the rest of this comment as far as I can tell.. '-)

How much does BK get for mowing all those Mansional Lawns???

blue girl

Nicho, anytime I can use a cliche or a pun, my life is totally fulfilled! Don't lash me!

grasshopper: Do the "clients" live in gopher holes?


Still: two-and-a-half bathrooms! It's enough to may the mind reel.

I'll trade with you RIGHT NOW. Wanna? Huh? Wanna? You just say the word. And I'm outta this mansion before you can say...

Jeeves! Entertain me! I'm bored!



"Lord of the Manse" :)

I will now be picturing the Skimmer doing his Michael Flatley impersonation around the house... sans shirt of course.


Druglog entry 4.5.07

I tried some new minwax dark cherry last night on some crown moulding. God. I was so high. Then my girlfriend came over and we rolled some bamboo curtains and fired up the gas pilot for the new stove. I need to stop this. I need help. I'm meeting the guys down at Home Depot tonight after work for a demo on ceramic tile installations. My life is out of control.


Great, wealthy minds do think alike. Say bonjour to the gals at the tennis club for me.


compared to a 1000sqft flat(apartment to you yanks:-P) with one and a half bathrooms, your place is a mansion.

but then i dont have to worry about being TP'ed, just the building collapsing under my feet cause someone couldnt care to take care of the plumbing

almost "caveman" infamous

i tried to change my name, but it wouldn't let me

Adorable Girlfriend

So what you're saying is that you live in a mansion?

Res Publica

I would never judge you for living in a mansion. Move myself and my tiara collection in with you, sure...probably hang a banner featuring a socialist-realist style portrait of myself as Eva Peron from your balcony, definitely...but never judge you.

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