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I'd say that's progress. :)


My verifying code was "ru7jjj" I read it as a question.

"Are you 7, JJJ?"

I sure feel like it an awful lot. 7 was a good year though so it's not a totally bad thing.

Okay, let's see what shows up this time...

blue girl

I wish I remembered 7.


Sad me.

That whole thing about progress? It's a huge puzzle. Who knows.


That sounded like progress to me.

Arrrhhggg! I hate thinking of my friends being in trouble! Glad Mel was with ya and the Bar guy took the look.

Life sho be int'restin' sometimes, ain't it? Take CARE but keep having Fun! You're too cool to be all scared and stuff!


Ugh. My roommate got held up with a gun by some punk kids around the corner from our old apartment. I don't think she ever liked walking around there after that.


Definitely progress. I can't imagine how hard it is to get over being robbed at gun point.

Always trust your instincts in those situations. Glad nothing happened.

Michael Bains

I just thought of something. I was outside the Thirsty Parrot only 2 weeks ago and it was jam packed with people!

Very very weird... {sigh}

blue girl

MB, I had a thought. Although it looked like it was out of business, it could've just been closed because the Indians weren't in town.

I used to work in that building across the street -- where Alice Cooper's bar was on the first floor. It just used to be jammin' down there. Tons of people. Didn't matter if the Tribe was playing or not. And that The NY Spaghetti House was closed, too. (And that DID seem to definitely be out of business) -- I don't know, the whole area just seemed empty and lost to me.


Never thought this day would come. I kept hoping to go back to Cleveland and have a reunion with the old work friends and hit the NY Spaghetti house for lunch. Very sad.

I'll never, ever have my seashells with mushrooms and marinara again.....

BG, wish I could have hung with you and Mel.

blue girl

Hey there, flem!

It was very sad to see The Spaghetti House sign gone. GONE!

Guess what? We were downstairs in the bar on the first floor. I hadn't walked through those doors in 10 years. Pretty wild. Lots of memories! Good ones. Brother, I miss those days!

I kept hoping "T" would pop his head in the door before leaving for home. Wouldn't that have been funny? But, he didn't.

I didn't have the courage to do my own pop-in upstairs...

Same old Mel. Doesn't matter how much time goes by.


you should have gone up to see the "old gang". I of these days.

It is sad. Remember Terry the parking lot guy?


BTW, I miss those days too. I dig my job now, but nothing and no one will replace those years we all had together at the old place.

Miss you!

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