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I. am. in. awe.


billy pilgrim


blue girl

Hey jojo! Thanks for putting up with my silliness. And my awesome rad speed skillz!


BP! BP! I was just watching a Genesis concert on VH1. From 1976. It was ok. But, you know how watching concerts are on TV. You expect a mini Stonehenge to descend at any moment.

Anyway, one of the commercials during the concert was Genesis on. tour. playing. the. lamest. song. that. there. has. ever. been.

I can't even remember the name of it, but it sounded like something out of the Lion King.

And THAT'S, *THAT'S* what they featured. Then, they cut quick to Phil & Co. talking about touring and then went back to that. lame. song.

I swear to God. I'm going to fold up a protest poster and carry it in my purse. And if they do the only the lamest of lamest songs, I'm going to stand up holding that poster through the whole show! Or I'm going to take flyers and hand them out.

Those guys better NOT do a lame show.

They had better not!

I can't think of the song they featured -- it was *that* forgettable, but when I think of it, I'll come back and let you know.

The lyrics had something about a little boy in them. You know it. Everyone knows it. Darnit. Can't think of it.

Adorable Girlfriend

Jealous. Sure, of the fact that you have thown Pinko down more than once and stomped on his little chicken neck!


I just think that the house on the left should be moved a little more back as it is hindering the tree's branches.

Kevin Wolf

Did the tree sign a release? Otherwise, you gotta take the photo down.


I call this... eye candy.

Especially the top one.

billy pilgrim


See, that's what you get for watching VH1. Blue Kid probably just rolls his eyes with your old-fogy music.

It was probably something off the last Phil album, We Can't Dance. Actually, title song notwithstanding, it's not a bad album, I like it better than Invisible Touch and it's got a couple of real standouts on it like Driving The Last Spike. It's kind of a more reserved album, more straightforward.

was it maybe "No Son Of Mine"?

But I think we have to gird ourselves for the lame-ass moments. You know Phil wants to bring em out. Unfortunately, Banks also has a soft spot for pop hits; it just took him a couple of decades to figure out how to write them.

blue girl

Yes! It was "No Son Of Mine".

They don't have to get all Supper's Ready, but it better not all be the lame pop hits.

billy pilgrim

I actually kind of like "No Son Of Mine".

Look at it this way: You only know them as lame pop hits because they got played on the radio and MTV.

So, if you ignored radio and MTV like I did, you can evaluate the songs based on what they actually ARE, rather than the overplay.


When I saw the photo I cheered. When I read the caption, I wept. That's art.

My favorite Genesis album remains "The Ham Lies Down on Broadway."

billy pilgrim

Ham, Lamb, Spam....

"The Processed Meat Product Lays On a Major Thoroughfare"

I don't think it cuts it. It doesn't sing; It's non-triumphant.

The first photo reminds me of my Dad. He always took pictures that chopped off a part of the subject, too.

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