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Totally great post, BG. I definitely feel like a wacko when I mention my bloggy friends to some friends. Though the roommate/BF understands and encourages it. Or at least she comments.


Very funny. I feel like Grizzled and my kids only nod when I talk about my internet friends because they know I'm close to the edge.

"Just nod when Mom mentions those *people*!"

"But Dad! They're not reeeeeal!"

"I know... just do it!"

I know one day I'll wake up in straight jacket and will finally be told that none of you are real. At that point, they'll wheel BG into my room and will introduce me to my new roommate.

Adorable Girlfriend

Yes, but the more interesting question is if she and Res could actually win a bake-off?!

billy pilgrim

Sometimes, my friends tell me I'M not real.

I'm beginning to believe them. After all, when have they lied to me before?


Of course we are real. We have a place in cyberspace, what could be more real than that? jojo


Think about saying "My dog's blog buddies..." and the looks you'd get. A meatspace friend started a blog for my dog, so I actually do say that.

M.A. Peel

None of my RL friends have blogs or read a blog circle regularly. They seem so limited now. Is that too judgmental?


Bossy feels the same way and spends a huge amount of time fretting and giggling to herself about things her Blog friends are doing.

Sometimes Bossy feels it's an escape from real interactions - sort of like The Boy In A Plastic Bubble meets You've Got Mail... but most of the time Bossy thinks her Blog relationships are just as valid as anything else tangible... the friendships are very supportive, a laugh riot, fiercely loyal, and a kick in the pants!

Bossy loves BG and can't believe her luck that BG was one of the first people she met at the Virtual Cocktail Party 15 months ago... she'll always be grateful.

Pinko Punko

Yet another diss.

We used to bloggo about music but AG has driven a wedge between UC and the blog, or more accurately a wedge between the wedge that was already there. No more poop shoots.

Also, BG, remember when I kicked your ass at RoD guest blogging?. Good times.

blue girl

Hi Pixelated Friends!

PP, You know what I always remember from Res's old blog? You and Res were in the comment thread going back and forth about some sort of food product. Probably Twinkies. Or Snowballs.

Anyway, you dropped a link in one of your comments to this picture of a lounge chair, that when it was kicked back it looked like a cross. It was from one of those Christian sites, I think.


Adorable Girlfriend

You wanna back that up with proof, Pinko?!

You're just mad that AG exposed you for the piglet you are and refuses to go by your cornhole blog anymore. Well actually AG does but only to live link to her BFF blogger friends like BG.


billy pilgrim

Well, in the long run I don't care what other meatspace people think of my meatspace friends, so why would I care what my meatspace friends think of these bloggo dudes? It's all part of Pilgrim's twisted personality, after all, and as long as it doesn't erupt in a savage episode of mime again, they figure it's mostly harmless.

But at the end of the day, I throw some snark at the Sadlies, see What Digby Said and what Atrios Commands, check the General, see what Snag's eating now, dive into the half-assery at the Bullsies and stop by Glue Birl's to see who she has Throne a Thrown at today....

And I say to myself, I have had a helluva good time.

blue girl

as long as it doesn't erupt in a savage episode of mime again


Kevin Wolf

Awww, BG, thanks for the linky love.

Aside from my blogging friends, only those "real" friends I have in the "real" world who have their own blogs tend to comment on mine. Which makes them "not-real" also, thereby straddling two planes of existence.

It's really quite metaphysical if you think about it, which I don't.

blue girl

M.A., It's not judgmental at all. We're way cooler than real people.


KW, straddling two planes of existence.

That is so true.


It's funny, I have real-life friends who blog, and others who I know read the blog regularly (because they tell me), and they comment far less than my virtual friends.

You got me thinking about something I heard at a reading the other night -- I may have to post about it.


BG, I think we should all get these tees.

billy pilgrim

...and since the universe needs to balance forces, positive with negative, when a blog friend departs, it hurts just as damn much as a real one.

RIP Steve Gilliard.

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