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Kevin Wolf

BG, we're both done with our memes! Time for a cocktail!


I am one of those people that likes being tagged. Probably because I love giving my opinions, especially about pork.

Good stuff, BG, and #14 in particular was really funny.


"Have you ever noticed that her nose has gotten a lot bigger over the years?"

Noses don't stop growing, BG. It's a fact.


I just noticed, you skipped #3, which really should have been #2... I'm just sayin'.

Neddie Jingo

So hey! So your Comment dealie finally loaded after an hour's wait!

So... I love your responses. So... I'd have dished myself up a big plateful of chopped onions and walked around the party looking like I was enjoying them immensely.

So... however, I think Bobby's got us both beat.

(P.S.: I don't hate everybody who starts sentences with "so"; sometimes it's exactly correct. I just dislike it when it's used as a throat-clearing device. That's just sad.)

blue girl

Cheers, KW!

Brando, I like memes. I was just joshin'.

Jennifer, that noses continue to grow throughout one's lifetime is a fact of life I am very uncomfortable with. I don't want to end up like Karl Malden!

Jeddie, Wonder why it takes you so long to comment? I *should* have carried about a heaping mound of onions on my plate. But, I was too busy saving children from burning to death.

Admit it! You hate all people who use "so." You also hate when people use that when they should use which. Admit it!


I'll go check out Bobby's meme-o.

Adorable Girlfriend

Yeah, AG read KW's meme. Thank you for not tagging AG!!


So, why do you hate pork?


Bossy wants to give her meme as a christmas present to The Lovely Becky. Doesn't Blue Girl think a His & Her meme would be so interesting? Please?

blue girl

You cannot re-gift!

Do not try!



Noses grow, but within limits, right? They don't grow bigger than a boat or even a, oh, what? A stiletto. Of course, that one fairy tales claims they grow really long if you're a liar. But the same story claims that being lazy will give you donkey ears. My calendar has an old photo of a '40s glamour girl, maybe 50s. She's stretching her arms behind her head and saying, "You say 'Laziness' like its a *bad* thing!"

mistah charley, ph.d.

Not just noses, but ears, continue to grow through life. The following drawing relies on this fact for part of its effect.


blue girl

Hi mistah charley,

The ears don't freak me out as much as the nose.

Not that I want to end up looking like Dumbo, but I bet I could hide that better.


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