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blue girl

half, diagonal-type squares

Laugh. Out. Loud.

Um, let's try.....triangles.

Totally cracking myself up!

And talking to myself, too. In my own comment section.


All interesting facts, but I'm concerned about your attitude toward Brunsweiger, which is one of the few things I consider possible proof of a God.


Wunderbar! Thanks for playing, BG.


Was catherine thanking you for almost every answer? I wonder which she didn't care for??

Pinko Punko

UC did it.


Thanks BG. That was fun, mostly.

Adorable Girlfriend

Great post!! Being a bridesmaid sounds good until you do it. Then you never want to do it again.


um, I only meant to have one message. Weird. The bridesmaid thing is overrated!


BG, I was in a stupor coming up with things to write for the meme... It's entirely possible I used the same 8 things the last time I got tagged with this!

(I also like toast.)

Have a great holiday weekend!


Duck, Duck, Goose...

Aw, BG, as if I haven't been running around in enough circles lately. Did ya have to pick me?! Well put your sneakers on girlfriend 'cause I'm coming after you.


Hi blue girl. i got my meme all done. In fact I have a second one I'm supposed to fill out. Be prepared. mwah haha.


Hey, thanks for fixing my italics! I just want you to know I'm thinking. So hard it hurts.


did you misspell the title on purpose too?

Michael Bains

7 cracked me up! Just the way you wrote it, not that you, undoubtedly, are one.

Michael Bains

Oh yah, Whippets! This one sounds like it s a blast. She belongs to Ed of Chicken Fat. He's the guy who goes by ET in comments.

Just thought ya mike like that.


Kathleen (in Oakland)

hey, blogging in your pajamas is Fug Girl Approved! "Listen, I understand the glories of having a casual workplace. I'm a blogger. Occasionally I change out of my pajamas in the morning and into a different pair of pajamas."



I have sleep-pooped at college. I got out of bed, woke up my girlfriend at the time while doing so and walked into the bathroom down the hall naked, sat down in a stall, started the process and then started snoring. I was asleep the whole time, until my neighbor in the next stall woke me up by banging on the side of the stall. I had no idea what was going on and where I was when I woke up. It was a little unnerving to me, but everyone in my fraternity thought it was funny.


BG, you were NEVER a bridesmaid? what about your sis and bff's weddings?

If its any consolation, your singing was kick @$$ at my wedding!

blue girl

flem, funny, funny story. At BFF's wedding I was The Wedding Singer -- of course! I was supposed to sing this *great* song that BFF wanted -- right before she came down the aisle.


Miss "I'm the best organ player in the universe" would NOT stop playing "Love Story" -- but, get this.

She'd *act* like she was done -- swaying slowly back and forth and coming to a dramatic stop -- like she was done! But, then real dramatically, she'd start again! I was standing behind her dying. Dying! She did it over and over -- totally into herself playing that. LOL. I was going to kill her.

I *never* got to sing that Eddie Rabbit (lol) song BFF loved so much, cuz Miss "I'm all that and a bag of chips on the keyboard" wouldn't stop playing Love Story!


Maybe you had to be there. I'm crying typing this.

Hope BFF is reading!


That's hilarious!! I can totally picture it.

Adorable Girlfriend

BG, will you sing at AG's wedding?

And I most certainly think PP is a chicken. Just do the meme already!!

blue girl

AG, of course I will.

You name the songs and I'll be there.

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