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TLB and I usually talk about writing when we eat -- it helps us get away from any distractions like TV and the Internet.

The woman may also have been an assassin a la La Femme Nikita and was just waiting for the right moment to hit her target. That's usually my explanation for pretty women dining alone. It's both empowering and entertaining!


"I wonder about couples who go out to dinner and sit there and don't speak to each other."

I think the same thing. There are times when you can tell people are just comfy with each other and are sitting in *at ease* silence, but then there are the times when you can tell there is nothing to say and they'd probably rather be anywhere else than with each other. It's at those times I wish
thought bubbles were a reality.

Tom W.

Fave line:

"...My plan worked."


angry ballerina

Whenever I'm eating out and I see someone sitting alone I always feel a twinge of pity and guilt. I never thought that they might actually want to be alone.....

billy pilgrim

I wonder if blugrrl has been hanging around AG too much.....


This is why television in a restaurant is evil. Put anything on, no matter how bad, and I can't help but watch it. Would I rather talk with my Lovely Bride? Of course, but I'm drawn like a moth to the flame of the idiot box.


Mostly The Squeeze and I do talk about this and that, even over the din of the omni-present Italian TV. And sometimes -- not often -- we sit in companionable silence. I'm more concerned, right now, with that lone female diner.

One of the things I find really hard is to eat alone, on business or on pleasure. I tend to rush, for one thing, and restaurants are often too dim to read, which anyway I don't much like doing when I'm eating. So, what to do?

Simply going up to someone -- of any gender -- and asking to join them is out, because it smacks of pick-up which is not the point. An opening line of "Hey, it's not that I find you sexually attractive or anything, but I'd like someone to talk to over dinner," isn't going to work. Or is it?

There are places, so I've heard, that specifically have "communal" tables, but I've never experienced one.

So BG, what would you advise?

blue girl

Now you guys have me feeling bad for a woman who did NOT give the impression that she needed people to feel bad for her.

Let me give you a better picture. She was at the bar eating. Right smack dab in the middle of the bar. Not at a table alone. Her body language -- good posture, etc. gave the impression she was perfectly happy to be sitting there eating her salad and drinking her pretty glass of red wine. She was joking with the bartender.

She seemed just fine.

Jeremy, "Hey, it's not that I find you sexually attractive or anything..."


Try sitting at the bar next time. You'll be striking up conversations left and right.

This whole thing reminds me of my friends who think I'm weird because sometimes I'll go to the movies by myself. They think it's sad in some way or something. I like going to the movies alone. And I don't mind going somewhere and eating alone. Gives me time to look around and wonder about other people. But, they're probably all looking at me thinking, Aw, poor thing.



I hear ya on movies alone. It's like a mini-vacation. :)


You got to go out on a "real date"? And for seafood, no less. I am so envious! We don't have family close by, so if we every get to go out, it's time to pay the babysitter - and they're not cheap anymore.

Before My Squeeze and I got together, I was one of those that would go out by myself. I'm sure I got "those looks", but I enjoyed getting gussied-up for no one imparticular, going out to a great place, enjoying not having to cook and having someone wait on me. A wonderful memory!


Ah, look at all the perfectly happy lonely people!
Ah, look at all the perfectly happy lonely people!

Blue Girl in a Red State goes to the movies with nobody else
She goes by herself
Watching the movie, she hears ever word the actors repeat
Not her son's requests to eat

All the perfectly happy lonely people
Where do they all come from?
All the perfectly happy lonely people
Why do they order for one?

Skimmer the husband, says a person dining alone is a shame
Especially when she's a dame
Blue Girl corrects him, says he's sexist and that she is just fine
Especially when there's wine

All the perfectly happy lonely people
Where do they all come from?
All the perfectly happy lonely people
Why do they order for one?

blue girl

LOL @ Brando.

I'm going to be singing this song all night.

Chickymama, babysitters are expensive. It's great when they get older and you don't have to hire one. You *do*, however, worry that your house will burn down while you're gone...


Ah, look at all the perfectly happy lonely people (do do do do do do)
Ah, look at all the perfectly happy lonely people (do do do do do do)

Damn you, Brando!


Adorable Girlfriend

I already miss having UC around to go out to dinner. I will eat dinner alone in a city I travel to for work, but never at home. It's just my way.


Omar is in SF and we are happy to have him! :)

I like to eat alone at times because I don't want to have to talk to people. It is freeing.

Michael Bains

LOL! Great ending, BG. You guys are sooo freakin' cool. :)

One of the reasons my 2nd ex and I are still such good friends is because we have a Blast going out together. We generally laugh our arses off no matter how inappropriately.

Oh! You guys should definitely take in a Tribe game this summer. You know how it is being a Clevelander; I won't say they're gonna "win it all", but there's no doubt that they're one of the best teams in baseball again. A LOT of fun to watch, especially in person.


Bossy totally gets sucked into her local sports teams depending on who's cute.

blue girl

Bossy, you'd totally love Omar, but he's in San Francisco now. Catherine's lucky.

MB, laughing inappropriately is the only way to laugh.


Go ahead and say the Tribe's gonna win it all! Why should we stop that little habit we've got? We'll definitely go to a game or two. Why do you think the game's aren't sold out?

Kevin Wolf

I keep saying I'm going to go out and treat myself to lunch or dinner but money's very tight lately so I keep wimping out. Still, it's tempting with all the places to eat and drink right within walking distance. What comes of living in a tourist town.

Funny post, BG!

Larry Jones

Ha ha: "Salmon Dave." Ha ha ha ha ha. I suppose you have a "Sole Man" there in your Restaurant Row?


I'll remember to sit at the bar next time I'm dining at a place that has a bar. But not all of them do ...

Michael Bains

Really, I think the lack of sell-outs has simply to do with 1) they've not won anything and B) the Cavs season stretched on so wonderfully long that the game-goers got sorta broke. It DOES cost quite a bit to go to any of these danged sporting events. Even if Baseball is the cheapest, it still ain't cheap.

As for sitting at the bar: I almost always do that at Bob Evans. :) Think I'm gonna start seeing movies alone, too. Why the hekk not, eh.

Michael Bains

Oops! Shoulda been anything yet.

See ya at the ballpark!

RC of strangeculture

How wife and I think the same thing.

We've moved to a knew place recently, (as in the past year) and some weeks we see a lot of eachother (one on one) because our social calenders are much emptier than they've ever been since we've known eachother...and for the first time, there's times when we are quieter...or don't have much to say.

i think at times this okay, but if we don't have things to share about our thoughts and our lives, than the problem probably isn't with our relationship it's with our lives and we need to spice up our minds and our calenders.

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