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Larry Jones

Randy's an original. I loved his acceptance speech when he finally won an Oscar (in 2002, after 14 nominations): He thanked Phil Collins for not writing any songs that year.

"...don't wanna hurt no kangaroos..."

Larry Jones

Oh yeah, and his original recording of "You Can Leave Your Hat On" is truly a lesson in low-down, creepy skankiness.

blue girl

"...don't wanna hurt no kangaroos..."

That's my favorite line, too, Larry.

He *is* an original, alright. I'm going to have to download "You Can Leave Your Hat On." I like that song. I'm curious to hear how he does it. It's the Joe Cocker song? Guess I'll find out.

Jeremy Cherfas

He's been the soundtrack of my life forever. Have you heard any of Faust? there are some fine tunes on that.


That was my father's favorite song. My dad's a little past ironic, though. He's sarcastic. It's his sense of humor, and he's often surprised when he's hit someone too hard, somewhere they're not ready to think is funny.
Same as *he* didn't think "You Can Leave Your Hat On" was funny. Smartypants that I was, I didn't understand why he didn't like "The Hat" song for years. He's not short but he does have a big bald spot, bigger now than then. And that's what I supposed he objected to. But really--covering up a bald spot has nothing to do Randy Newman singing "You Can Leave Your Hat On," to a girl, who's followed his instructions to stand on a chair and take off everything else.

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