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Kevin Wolf

Enjoy your break! No need to hurry new posts for our benefit. (Hell, I ain't even at the beach and I've posted nothing for days and days.)


I hope you have a fun vacation.

billy pilgrim

Blue Grrl Wins the Floopy Dope Hat Award!

See Snag for your moose tail.


Thanks, BG! :)

I'm off on vacation too!


Oh, have fun. And make sure you let the sun empty your mind now and then. We could all use a few moments of mental stillness. I know and I grant the kindly accusation: Who am I to prescribe a tranquil mind and its ensuing wisdom? Must be wishful thinking.


everyone's on vacation!!! man, I am not doing this right.


Hoist a margarita for us will you?!


man, america is turning into a bunch of communist frenchies. what's this vacation crap? don't you know the machine 24x7x365????

come on now peasants! work harder!!!

(but seriously, enjoy your vacation)

Adorable Girlfriend

Claire is not going anywhere unless her boxes are packed. :)

How much do I love BG? I love anyone who can understand the value of blogging on vacation! Whenever I go and teh boyfriend starts in, AG is all, "I have 250 hits a day. The peoples need me. You are just jealous."

BG gets it.

mark h

have a lovely time

Michael Bains

Hope your sand is sehrly soft, BG!

Good on ya for your choice of reading materials. Looks like an excellent change of pace from past preferences, eh.

And, btw, thanks for being one of my favoritest feathers.


Florida Beach Vacation Rentals

Where is Beach Bound located? Can you give me the full detail of this?

Darius Cartmell

My sentiments exactly! I love taking short breaks from my busy schedule from time to time, but I would definitely take my laptop with me during this vacation. This way, I can still remain updated on certain important matters, and at still be able to enjoy the sun and the sand.

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