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That sounds familiar! My kids always say they'd rather use mine so they can save theirs. Somehow, the fact that they are at least thinking about saving is supposed to make me open up the wallet and let it pour.

Adorable Girlfriend

I love BK. He's learning to be AG.

Now keep that up until you get a boyfriend and transfer that attitude from parents to boyfriend.

billy pilgrim

I'd rather use yours too, Blugrrl.

Go ahead, buy me that ticket to Genesis!

blue girl

Hi everyone.

bp, you're not going to Genesis? I thought you were going. You are, right?

Cuz if not, I'm going to have to remember every single solitary dinky detail, secretly tape it, take four million pictures and then come home and write a 10,000 word post.

Oh, the pressure!

billy pilgrim

when did I say I wasn't going? I'm angling for another show here.

well, I'm going in Chicago, but like BK, I'd rather use your money! I'm saving for a motorcycle! So fire the butler and buy me that ticket.

although you'll be seeing them before I will. So you still have to do that epic post, AND GET ALL THE SPELLING WRITE!!!

PS there HAS been talk about working on new material.


Hey - I don't even have to shut my eyes to see this one.....OMG, Sweet Blue Boy!!!! Love Ya.....


What usually happens around our place is that I give the kids money and then have to borrow it back so I can take them somewhere. It's not the most efficient economic system in the world.

Res Publica

I'd rather use other people's money too. Hopefully, they'll send us some in exchange for our super-awesome autographs.

Michael Bains

You 2 sure didn't raise no dummy! lol! Niiice.

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