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billy pilgrim

Yeah, I was saying over at my joint that Rove's rep for being a political genius was earned against some of the most clueless Dems; He could take the most obvious dirty tricks, telegraph them totally, give written warning, and when they inevitably lost, the Dems would stand there wondering what happen like some dimwitted hamster.

But lets go back to talk about those M-L humans with the oil and the bikinis....

blue girl

BP? What are you doing in my blog?! You are banned! And have been banned since 2005!

Ok. You've been de-banned.

Dimwitted hamsters is right. I'm sick of the Democrats.

You know, Green writes above that Armey's name tag story is an example of exquisite pettiness. I don't think that story, or what Armey and Clinton did together was petty at all. Or that Armey being put off by Bush and Rove's arrogance was petty either.

Or, by adding the word "exquisiste" does it make it an "OK" sort of pettiness?


I think I have sun stroke.

angry fucking ballerina

My experience w men is the bigger the ego, the smaller the penis.

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