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Sweet but wild, that's for sure.
Was it a turtle?
A snapping turtle once bit my sister severely. She's the one who was always being attacked by birds. If she was riding a bicycle, one at a time they'd swoop down and peck at her head. It's happened less as she's gotten older but then she's quite careful to avoid turtles and birds. She likes dogs and horses.


Sweeeeeet indeed!

Of course if this horseshoe crab had been in the water with me and had brushed my leg, I would have screamed like a schoolgirl!!!


Naw. They're just freaky. Living fossils those are. Good news is they are harvested for a very potent blood thinning (or maybe coagulating) agent.

I think they're totally cool. Harmless except the spike on the tail, which you'd have to try to touch, and even that is just a spike.

I'm more afraid of little 8 inch sand sharks with their spine sticking straight up, and their being directly under my foot.


I'm more afraid of this.


If you'll bring it home, I'll cook it.


Bossy's latest sea monster came in the form of her Beach House landlord.

Adorable Girlfriend

Cute turtle and all, but that sure is a lot of white peeps on the beach. Hello Melanoma, it's AG telling these white folk to go back to their mansions and stay safe!!


So was that thing living? It was a pretty big one. By the looks of the barnicles it's pretty frequently caught above the tide. I'm suprised that no one has taken it home before.


This is a horseshoe crab that died and is on it's back.

I was in South Carolina, on vacation, and we saw a creature on the beach. It was scary looking and my father approached it with caution. But, it was a horseshoe crab and it looked exactly like this. We turned it upside down, with caution, and it was pretty spactacular and ugly looking.

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