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it was a sad period. first mother teresa, who may not be a big deal over there, but was over here, died and then later in the year it was Princess Di.

two good women, gone. just like that.

i was just a kid at the time (14!!!) seems so long ago and yet it's still a bit sad to remember those days.

goddamn paparazzi :(

blue girl

i was just a kid at the time (14!!!)

What?! You're grounded.

I think Mother Theresa died the day after Princess Diana did. I'll have to google it. I just remember that where I worked, half the people were in "Diana Shock" and half the people thought that was nuts. And I'll always remember my boss getting mad that Princess Diana would get all the media attention and drown out the stories about Mother Theresa.


i'm a little sketchy on the timeline myself. and btw, it's not like the princess didn't do her bit for charity.

Kevin Wolf

In my experience, this whole Diana thing is a gal thing. I hate to sound like I'm stereotyping but there's not one guy I know who was really touched by Diana's death, while I know a lot of women who were. There's probably a book in there somewhere.

mark h

lovely writing.


its like a page from Paris Hilton's diary... sorry... but maybe us poor folks just don't relate well to nights of champagne and frivolity, followed by crying over the death of some spoiled "Princess".

O, the humanity.

Res Publica

a) This post is 4 months old. Why comment at all?

b) God forefend that someone should have a night of fun on her vacation, and then have the temerity to write about it! The horror!!

c) As far as I know, BG and the Skimmer have earned every penny they have by the work of their own hands, so I guess I'm a little unclear on how spending their own hard-earned money on a vacation occasions a comparison to a spoiled, talentless heiress.

d) She lives in freakin' OHIO, ferchristsakes! Let her have a little fun.

blue girl

She lives in freakin' OHIO, ferchristsakes!

Oh, why-o-why-o-why-o?

Don't tell Fade that I live in a mansion.

blue girl

I would have so much fun if I was a spoiled heiress.

I wanna be one.


Res Publica

And sit on a Thrown! Bwahahahahaha!

blue girl

Res, people won't think it's so funny when we move into our skyscaper house.

We'll blog from there and degrade them all!!!!

Res Publica

WHen you become a spoiled heiress, we can move into our skyscraper and shoot at commoners with lasers! And by "commoners", I mean "Pinko Punko".

billy pilgrim

I shall work tirelessly to bring you down to the Common Person's level.

Unless, of course, you hire me to design your SkyBlue Manse.

Res Publica

That's what we'll call our skyscraper....SkyBlue. As in "we hope you can join us for cocktails at SkyBlue tomorrow!"

blue girl

Of course we'll hire you, BP. We'll need you to design for us a special balcony where we cannot be detected while throwing things at people down below.

billy pilgrim

never seen an architect that wasn't a complete prostitute....


This "Fade" person is obviously a rotten troll.
Res, I think you should throw him from the balcony of SkyBlue first.
Pinko can wait.

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