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I am more concerned that a person can get elected to the Senate when they have the judgment of bathroom hand dryer.

And how did the Senator learn the bathroom-sex Morsecode? Do you go to school for this? Is there an apprenticeship? "I'm only a lewd conduct journeyman, but after I pass my bathroom sex test I can join the union."

blue girl

the bathroom-sex Morsecode

I know!

I'm sick of these guys.

billy pilgrim

It's the underlying dynamic where the Republicans couldn't understand why most of America wasn't howling for Clinton's head. The Repubs are moral scolds and witchunters, who caught someone with their pants down.

While most of America said "Hey, a little extramarital oral sex. Not good; but between the husband and his wife and it doesn't have a damn thing to do with his job"

But the right wants it to. Oh, boy do they want it to. They want EVERYBODY to be able to be fired for having sex outside of marriage, or getting a little kinky, or being gay.

And as Miss Susie points out, the Dems are too spineless to say this is bull. they're scared of Bush and the Right on everything. Being too insulated in the Beltway, they buy into the spin that America is a Republican country and evangelicalism is the theme of the day.

Where out here in the rest of the country, we're more or less willing to let the bedrooms stay private.

What's weird is how often the rightwingers seem to elect total skeezoids to represent them. It's like the people who want to regulate other people's bedrooms are automatic Rightwing Politicians.

But, again as Susie points out, unless we start slapping these twisted freaks down harder, we're gonna end up with a lot more laws like Texas injunction against sex toys.

Almost Canadian

I don't know who I am more fed up with. The "Family Values Politicians" or the "Bible Thumping Religious Right" that is to stupid to know how they are being used.

Can't you just see Jesus sitting in a bar, drinking by himself, snacking on stale nuts, wondering what went wrong.


"The bathroom-sex Morsecode"

I was thinking I'd like to see what's on Craig's computer. I'm guessing he had a lot of on the job training, but he's probably looked at numerous sites that explain in detail.


Bossy is never going into another Men's room as long as she lives.


As a general rule, I don't much care whom any given politician is boinking and just ask for the same courtesy in return. In this case, it's the hypocrisy that makes it funny instead of sad.

billy pilgrim

That's exactly it, Snagglesex. These pudding-pops want to be able to legislate who you sleep with, and marry, and how you make snugglebunnies, but then go out and violate those same standards they want to impose.

Because, as has been true for over a decade now, IOKIYAR.

Dan Leo

You all have to check out LowerManhattanite over at the Group News Blog:


I thought they were snagglebunnies.

I agree- if what you do is between consenting adults, then have at it. It may not be my cup of tea, but it's also none of my business.

What bothers me is the hypocrisy.


Snag is right, all the GOP sex scandals are about hypocrisy more than crime. You always hear about people voting against their economic interests. Well, this is the party that apparently votes against their sexual interests. And that must be difficult for them because they seem quite interested!


Is this another pre-emptive strike against aanother Larry Flynting like the good senator from Louisiana? Just curious.

blue girl

I don't know, Nicho. He'll be on cable tonight if that's the case.


I just saw the video of his press conference where he stated he was not gay and has never been gay. He said he overreacted to the charges and therefore pleaded guilty.

That's his line of defense? "I was confused... I thought the safest thing to do was to plead guilty!" WHA??? Isn't a person's first response usually to plead innocence? If I were arrested in a bathroom for "picking up paper" and for "tapping my foot", I think I'd be a little surprised that someone would want to arrest me and my first impulse would be, "I'M INNOCENT!" Pleading guilt, especially if innocent, would not be my first choice.

I know it's none of my damn business, but I'm really curious what they'd find on his computer. I almost said laptop, but I won't go there.

If he is gay, it would have been nice if he could have grown up knowing he was fine, he was okay, he was merely gay. Instead, there's this mess.

blue girl

I know. If you're arrested for lewd behavior, I guess you just sit back and think -- I didn't do what they said, but I'm too tired or something to fight it. Guilty!

Makes no sense.

And you're right. Living so repressed and feeling that you are forced to live so dishonestly -- obviously, is not a healthy way to live.

Adorable Girlfriend

He should just call up Pee Wee Herman and ask for some advice.

Just sayin'...


I want to make snugglebunnies with Billy Pilgrim. Billy, tap your foot once for yes, twice for no, three times for "There's a Turkish freighter just docked down at Pier 23 and I bet you'll find what you're looking for there."

It just doesn't fail, does it. Scratch a lantern-jawed, clear-eyed Guardian of Family Values, and inevitably he'll ask you to scratch him again, just slower. And this time, call him "bitch."

billy pilgrim

I am open to snugglebunnies with anyone round these parts, but NOT IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM STALL.

I mean, ewww, but not only that; I don't have the faintest idea what the foot tapping code is for "ban me!"


bp- AG just banned me at someone else's site! I'm on a roll!!! Woo-hoo!!!

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