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Almost Canadian

I am sad to say that I totally believe in what George Carlin is saying. That is why things keep getting worse and worse.

It won’t happen but we need to elect poorer people to government. People like Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader need to be president. Who knows what would happen, but it can’t be worse than it is now.

Adorable Girlfriend

I saw this with UC right after we began dating. To these day, I still think he dates me because he loved AG's 2000 "amens" after every. single. word.

I keep saying it: America is in real trouble! Real trouble.


word. people think they'll be rich someday, so they preserve the benefits, never realizing that as they do so it becomes less and less likely they will join that small class.


Kathleen's comment is an A+ at nailing it on the head, and as such will be used in a brand new, exciting webmagazine entitled 'nailing it like a 2x4'

Dan Leo

Fuckin' Carlin, still putting it out there. There must be some tiny faint glimmer of hope if he's still working.

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