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looks like someone's gonna have their work cut out for them (and i think it's Blue Kid or The Skimmer)


Is that your backyard? It's gorgeous. But no wonder you're allergies are a plague. almostinfamous is right: Blue Kid or Skimmer must tend to it when the leaves finally fall. You must stay inside, windows shut, and at most, signal from above: 'hurry up, hon,' or 'hey, over there--you missed a patch!'

blue girl

aif, you're right. Those leaves are not gonna get picked up by me blogging about it! Maybe I should help.

Thanks, grasshopper. It's actually a *very* pretty backyard. And the *entire* yard is carpeted in leaves. It's beautiful, but I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing with my chincey camera. My allergies are better -- so maybe the evil is lurking *under* the leaves leaving me alone for now.

Larry Jones

Very expansive backyard. The kind you might have if you lived in, oh, I don't know... Possibly a mansion?


You know what you're missing? A marsh (i.e. swamp) full of mold. I can mail you some if you'd like.


Not quite a marsh, but I'm bettin' there's a creek down that slope to the right. Always seems like where there's woods there's creeks 'round these parts.

First thing I thought about when I saw this pic was how great the piles will be to jump in once those leaves are rakeded! w00t!

billy pilgrim

I see... raking.

Nice yard, really.

Do you want me to tell you how to spell chintzey?

blue girl

Aw, 42 and still a kid at heart, MB! Good for you.

I keep meaning to tell you this. Blue Kid taught me to text message. And when The Skimmer and I are out and BK's not with us, I'll text him every now and then just to keep in touch. But, I always just send silly messages. I always send one that just says:


And every time I do, I think of you!


And then I'll send one that says:

R U mpressd with my rad texting skillz?

He'll text back:

Yah, r u kewl


blue girl

It's chintzy.



W00t and Cheese!!!


BG< I was totally thinking of you last night. I was going to a party and my exit was the one for the Hollywood Bowl. Where I sat in traffic for over an hour. Why you ask? Because Genesis was playing the Bowl!

blue girl

I'm sorry you were caught in their traffic, Shayera. I probably wouldn't have minded so much though. I bet one of the stations was playing nothing but Genesis to get everyone psyched!


This looks like Bossy's neighborhood - everything in the trees is green but everything on the ground is brown and crumpled.

Adorable Girlfriend

The manse grounds are looking good this time of year!

billy pilgrim


I COULD tell you I misspelled it just to throw you off, until you asked me to tell you how to spell chintzy.

Or maybe I was having an off day. Pffff.

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