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Doubles my incentive to root for the Rockies.


That was a tough game. The third base coach was a real wimp.



That was a tough game. The third base coach was a real wimp.



Sorry about this one. I thought the Tribe had it.

Larry Jones

Sorry, babe. How 'bout those Browns? Cavaliers?


i woke up and saw the score and i was really sad. WHYYYYYY!!!??



blue girl


Kevin Wolf

Needless to say, here Boston (metro north, for me) everybody is happy about this. I tried to stay up for the game but just couldn't do it.

Since I like ya so much, BG, I'm willing to sympathize, though not willing to change the outcome of the series.

[BTW, thanks for the link in an earlier post. I'm afraid I'm going through a rough patch - unemployment - at the moment and have not been around.]


condolences BG! I was thinking about you last night! :(


I sincerely mean it when I say that I feel your pain. I don't think any team could have stopped the Sox in those last three games.

After seeing the Cubs blow their shot in 2003 and the Bears make it to the Super Bowl last year, I think it actually hurts more than having a bad season. You get the anticipation going, the maybe, just maybe thoughts, only to watch your pitching get shelled or your QB throw interceptions like he has money on the other team. It sucks.

blue girl

Hey Kevin, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Let me know if there's anything I can do. I know *links* probably don't help that much.

Brando, I was hoping you'd pop in here. Seems like you know this feeling. Others act like they do, but how can they?

They can't.


You should've heard the DJs on the radio today. So sullen. So down. So despondent. I sort of got a kick out of it. And ALL of them would not say the "There's always next year!" line. They just wouldn't.

What the heck is the point!!!????

One of the guys was saying how his wife was trying to cheer him up after the game and he just started ranting and raving about their broken doorbell. lol. And then he played "Loser" by Beck.

Just seems so fitting.

Poor, poor Cleveland.

And more importantly today, poor Kenny Lofton. He deserved way better.


As a third-generation Red Sox fan who was there for 1967, '75, '78, '86, '99, '03, I feel ya, Cleveland fans. I really do. That used to be us.

Pinko Punko

I don't like Kenny Lofton. I like most everyone else on the Indians. Especially Sabathia and Carmona.


Ahhh... A new day!

Tribe? What Tribe? OUR Tribe! And they made it to the ALCS again! W00 H00000!!!

Next Year, BG. There's always Next Year.



And there's always some knucklehead leavin' their italics open.

Go Browns!

blue girl

Hi Steve, thanks for your support. *sniffle*

PP, I know what you're saying! You can't pull anything over on me! Nice try.

MB, you're such the optimist.


blue girl

MB, also meant to say -- you are looking forward waaaaaay too much to....

The Amputation.


Da. Na. Na. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


BG, do you have a problem with the Tribe's logo (maybe you've mentioned it in an earlier blog?)?

Come on...really?!!

btw, sorry about parking lot dude. I would be afraid too.

blue girl

Hey Flem!!

How are you? I looked for you after the game last week, but didn't see you.

Remember how fun it was in the 90s!!!!!!!!! Brought back a ton of memories.

Click here and read all the discussion about Chief Wahoo.

Then when you're done reading, click here.

I miss you!


I had a ball before the game last week. We went over to AJ Roccos (my friend owns it) and I ran into tons of friends from the old days.

The actual game itself was a bit of a drag.

I was telling the folks I was with about the old days and how we would party up in our building RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM JACOB'S FIELD!!

Those were the days, my friend. What a ball we had.

I will read about Chief Wahoo in a moment.

Miss you too!!


Ok, I read most of the Wahoo stuff.

Interestingly enough, my husband is part Native American as are my children (obviously...).

My husband and my kids are not offended by the logo, at all.

blue girl


I've been thinking of you guys so much the last couple of weeks. I was driving around today and was thinking of a million hilarious "Tony" things.

Reminds me of this....

Watch this video.


....Look how cute Bruce looks!!


blue girl

Even though they are all a little too be-boppy in that video...


Bruce is looking good in that baseball cap on the mound.



Trying to feel bad. Not working. Wait...

What is that feeling? Not sure. The pressure is building though. I feel like I am going to burst...

...can't hold it much longer...



um. sorry.

blue girl

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The Boston Massacre.

Blah, blah, blah.

The Uncanny Canadian

If it's any consolation, the only other team I would really want to win the world series outside of Boston would have been Cleveland.

It was a close series. It was a memorable series. And until the very end, Cleveland did nothing to embarrass themselves.

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