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yeah lebron.. have some pride in your hometown!!


BG: You never cease to amaze me! You're a baseball fan? What a woman! The only pro sport I like to watch is basketball. It's fast. But baseball? Manny stopped taking me along, when I sat through the games reading novels.
Once, I paid attention, but that was when a one-handed Yankees' pitcher threw a no-hitter. The fans screams and danced and poured beer over my head more than usual. So it was; get into or get out. And really, who couldn't get into Jim Abbott throwing a no-hitter by squeezing the mitt pushed onto his wrist-stump so it popped neatly into his in-tact and pitching left hand?
After that, which didn't even seem slow, I thought every pro-baseball game (little league's a different story, different dynamics) would offer a comparable show.

billy pilgrim


Confuse everybody by wearing your flashy Genesis pin....

The Uncanny Canadian

You think that's bad, Blue Girl, at Fenway Park there were cobags wearing Yankees caps, at a non-Sox-Yankees game. Just terrible. And it's not like they were celebrities either. Of course Bostonians are no angels, and there was a giant rally cry of "Yankees Suck!" in the streets following the day's victory.

Definitely, Go Tribe!!!


Did you see the interview with LeBron? First one - NY sportin LeBron.....immediately he got up and left...the next time the camera caught up to him - he turned that hat right around - NY facin' backwards.....Did you see Derek Jeter get blown off his feet by a CC Fast Ball? WOW....GO TRIBE.....


Don't mind Bossy, she'll just skulk behind the bleachers with her pals, The Phillies.


hey whaddaya know? it's 2 in a row!

blue girl

Woo-hoo! Thank God for the bugs! It was The Bugs that got 'em!

Thanks, UC, for those Canadian Soldiers. What would we have done without 'em?

Ew. I hate those stupid things....

Michael Bains

Here's my working title for a post in the works:

BUGger Them DAMN Yankees!!!

2 down and 1 to go!


Michael Bains

Oh, and did you happen to see Queen Latifa tsk tsking Lebron for his hatskepade?

A Classy Lady is teh Queen, eh.


Still, I just think the kid went too far, not that he's all that whack for diggin' the Skanks. I've quite a few friends who, incomprehensibly so, have always rooted for teh Evil Empire. To each 'is own, eh.

Go Tribe!!!


My litte squaw went to last night's game and Java Chamberlain(sp) (Pitcher for the Yanks during the Great Infestation) picked her out of a crowd during batting practice and threw her a ball....Now, even though he is a Yank, and we all know "Gnat", "Gnat was kind of nice".....GO TRIBE.....


Excuse Me, Joba Chamerlain.....

Adorable Girlfriend

Blue Girl is banned.

UC is a jerkface.

The Internets is now banned.

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