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BG- Even Claire has succumbed to their evil ways...


I've succumbed to NO ONE. I can tell delusions when I see them. BG has become as grasping and pathetic as McCain going after the presidency! She's a shell of what she once was! Power mad and crazed!


Oh!! I smell a take-down!

blue girl

Just like I said over at RoD:

Don't make me bring it even harder, people!


Brando was asking for music recommendations for TLB. I gave him a nice link to your video. :)

blue girl



it's time for an Outsider! BG is too close to the thrown.


BG needs to GET thrown.

Dan Leo

As someone who is staying out of all this baking madness and brewing myself a quiet pot of tea, I must say I am massively impressed by your video, Blue. And here I thought you were a techno-idiot like me, and you not only know how to make a video, you know how to make a rockin' sockin' video.

And so full of XXXmas cheer.

I lerv it.

billy pilgrim

Dan, don't believe it.

She uses a Mac.


Thanks for the snow, BG. The pony loves it.


Come now. You can't believe you're going to win again? That would be a dynasty, and if I've learned anything from sports, it's that there are no dynasties in Cleveland.

blue girl

That would be a dynasty, and if I've learned anything from sports, it's that there are no dynasties in Cleveland.


Geez, I hadn't thought of that. I'm Cleveland's only champion.


Thank you, Dan, for your kind words. Do not listen to billy pilgrim. He's bitter. And his cookies are bitter. He'll never win with bitter cookies!

Jennifer, glad I could help out with the snow. We're actually getting so much ourselves that I figured you wouldn't mind if I sent some your way.


BG- I found out the snow was from Snag. I suppose I could have it analyzed and find out which direction it came from, however... our weather usually does approach from the west.

FYI- Claire's cookies just arrived and they smell AWESOME! She also used some spices one of my grandmothers used to use. :)

blue girl

Aw, so sad for Claire that her cookies smell.




Too bad we were busy actually baking, instead of writing theme songs...

Pinko Punko

This post is even sadder the next year.


This post's sadness has survived the test of time quite well.

blue girl

FUN!!!! I loved all the bake-off shenanigans over the years!

My video above is much better (actually the winning awesome video, better than anyone else's) with the music:

Stupid "YouTube" and their "copyright" issues...

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