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Are they usually open on Christmas, or is that a new thing?

I saw that the new Alien Vs. Predator movie is opening on Christmas Day. It's both sad and terrific marketing. Hate your family and the holidays? Have we got the film for you!

blue girl

"What are you doing Christmas Day?"

"Oh, we're gonna go shopping at Walgreens and then go see Alien vs. Predator. Should be fun. We'll create a ton of memories that way."


It's brand new, Brando. I really feel bad for the people who are going to have to work. How are they going to decide that? That truly stinks.

Alien Vs. Predator: Instant Christmas Classic!

Well, I'm not goin'. Nothing'll tear my away from my "A Christmas Story" marathon!

billy pilgrim

We're going to the in-laws. "alien vs. Predator" indeed.

I once had to work a fast food place on Christmas Eve. Sucked more roundly than you can imagine; the number of people who decided greasy fast food burgers would be just the thing on a Christmas Eve is appalling


Think of it this way - a lot of people need their prescriptions refilled after spending that much time with their families.

blue girl

We're going to the in-laws. "alien vs. Predator" indeed.


Snag, don't most people just sprinkle their Christmas cookies with crushed Prozac the way I do?

Gotta get it in advance. Gotta plan these things!

It's another tradition I started and seems to keep everyone on an even keel.

And they don't even know why they're being so nice to each other! They just thinks it's a Christmas miracle.

billy pilgrim

We usually serve my special brownies.

works as well as BG's cookies, and No leftovers.

blue girl

BP, We should enter the Bake-off as a team!

Adorable Girlfriend

They actually don't discount until AFTER the day has passed.

Frankly, AG doesn't mind if stores are open given that at least 10% of residents in America do not celebrate the holiday. Also, supermarkets and pharmacies make sense to be open. People need food and medication.


AG's getting all serious on us now. I blame Crate and Barrel.

BG- I would like some of your special cookies before I spend any portion of the holidaze with my in-laws.


I had to work Thanksgiving once when I worked for a grocery store in high school. That sucked. Couldn't imagine what it would be like to work Christmas Day. And I worked two Super Bowls, which I will never do again, even if it means going on the dole.

AG does have a good point, but it's the schleps on the low-end of the org chart who get stuck working the crummy holiday shifts. Having been said schlep, I sympathize.

billy pilgrim

"People Need Food And Medication"

That needs to be on a t-shirt.

It should be the motto of one of these blogs.

AG has a point; the point of BG's post though is that it sucks for the people who need to work, unless they aren't participating in the holiday.

Taverns are open in Milwaukee. But I guess that falls under both halves of AG's quote.

blue girl

I thought about AG's comment even before I read it and they couldn't choose the workers that way. Wouldn't be fair.

Brando's right. It's the poor, low on the todem pole schleps.

And at that Walgreen's, most of the workers are elderly women. I should go in there that day just to see who has the least seniority and then rip the manager's head off.


blue girl

"People Need Food And Medication"

That needs to be on a t-shirt.


I totally agree!


most of the workers are elderly women

Oh, that's sad! Elderly women with no company... their kids don't visit, their husbands are dead. Maybe getting together with each other at Walgreen's is kind of reassuring.

Dear Lord! It's my painting class!!! My painting class works at BG's Walgreen's!

Dan Leo

The working class has been screwed in our country, Blue. The people who used to be able to work manufacturing jobs for half-decent union pay are now working Xmas at Walgreens. I've been looking at a discussion board about the hood I grew up in, which in the old days had several big factories that people could walk to from their row-houses, which they could reasonably expect to own in their lifetimes, and all those factories are closed and the neighborhood's gotten rundown.

Vote Democratic.


BG- I say we all descend upon your Walgreen's on Christmas Day and have a sit-down. :)

blue girl

The working class has been screwed in our country, Blue.

I know, Dan, it's so true. You know the whole mortgage debacle going on right now? The NYTs had a huge story about it last month and the suburb they featured was Maple Heights, Ohio. (Very near here) It's a small working class suburb where the average home price is probably $120,000 for just the tiniest of bungalows. One right after the other with those teeny tiny lawns.

And just imagine -- those families wanted a home so bad -- for their kids to grow up in a house -- that they over-extended themselves to get it and now all I hear the talking heads on TV saying is....Serves 'em right! They shouldn't have spent beyond their means!

Crud like that.

So many people have lost their homes in Maple Heights that it's becoming a ghost town.

God forbid people should be able to live a decent life and raise their kids in a decent home!

Sorry. I'm off on a tangent.

I am *mad* that these Grandma's are going to have to work on Christmas day!

Jennifer, I should do something. What should I do....what should I do....

Hmmm. Gotta think about this.


Those families aren't the only ones getting nailed. I saw a listing of homes around us that were in foreclosure... it's amazing and scary.

BG- you could take those ladies some of your neon green wreaths! :)

Dan Leo

I found yet another reason to despise our president the other day when I saw a clip of him on TV talking about how there was no reason to try to help people who bought homes (sorry, I'm paraphrasing) "knowing they couldn't afford them."

You spoiled little rich-kid brat, as if anyone buys a home "knowing" they can't afford it. No, George, they swallowed a bill of goods telling them they could afford it, and then they got screwed. And you, George, were born rich and clueless and stayed that way and have know idea what you're talking about.

Sorry, just been thinking about the old 'hood is all.

Oh, and probably the vast majority of people who bought their row-houses and semi-detacheds in my old neighborhood bought them with the help of the WWII-era GI Bill:

A Government Program.

blue girl

Check out this post by Nancy Nall.

Think about it. All that Christmas crap they're selling at Walgreen's (aleady beginning to be marked down, AG) is made in China, (soaked in lead, no doubt) while the people who can't afford homes now have to work on holidays and if they don't or say they don't want to, they'll be labeled blow offs and lazy.

Remember when Bush was at that one "Townhall Meeting" and spoke up about that one woman in the audience saying "how proud" he was of her and what a great American she was because she worked THREE JOBS?!"


billy pilgrim

On local tv,I'm watching the Making of Milwaukee; it's focused right now on the late 19th/early 20th century, when Berger and several other Socialists (including Carl sandburg) were elected to local office. Berger was Mayor.

They became known as Sewer Socialists. Their key concerns: public health; public parks; vocational education; living wages; working conditions. They pioneered using our sewer system to produce and sell Milorganite as fertilizer. Decades ahead of their time, and attacked with a German business like attitude; within budget and pragmatically.

Then Socialism became tainted by WWI and Russia's version.

It's time for a bit more Sewer Socialism, I think.

Adroable Girlfriend

Oh, I don't disagree about some of the points you make. Outside of the pharmacists, it is the lower paid employees.

I remember my Bubbie getting in a discussion with a pharmacist about this. Apparently she didn't want to work on Christmas. My Bubbie let into her because the girl didn't even celebrate the holiday. She's was totally BS about it because she tried to claim it was unfair and yet she was Muslim and did not celebrate the day. Bubbie exposed that fraud and told her she expected to see her on the 25th. Meanwhile, the Christians were home. That is how AG's Bubbie rolled.

It was no suprise that she was fired and my grandmother stopped hiring the goyim.

On the upside, the movie theatre kids usually get triple pay and for college kids -- that means a nice paycheck. Many of them tell me when I ask them when I got on X-Mas if they mind working even for the extra pay and they all say no because the movies start after noon.

Meanwhile, AG will be staying in a hotel on X-Mas this year and hitting the Stinking Rose in San Francisco for dinner.

AG worked on Chanukah. So to shall the Hilton employees. All is fair in love and hating on Crap and Barrel.

Adroable Girlfriend


I say you totally create a union flyer and take it over there on X-Mas. In fact, call a union and suggest they visit those lovely ladies.


Maybe they'll have a run on their leftover menorahs.

Adroable Girlfriend

Bossy, don't joke!

Now that AG will never buy another thing at Crap and Barrel, AG needs the Jewish discount hook-up.

Mendacious D

I can offer AG a discount Jewish hookup...


I prefer to do my Christmas shopping both on Christmas day and at Walgreens. My family loves Danish cookie tins.

Adorable Girlfriend

Speak MenDee...

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